Are paperback books recyclable?

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In the meantime, garbage is eating us up.  The World Bank (WB) warned in 2018 that urban areas produce more than 2 billion tons of solid waste annually, a figure that could increase by 70% by 2050 if we do not take urgent action. The WB itself urges countries to improve waste management and generate less waste with consumer education actions and support for recycling programs.

Recycling is one of the most visible solutions against waste proliferation, but it is not a miracle worker.  If we want to live on a sustainable planet, we need to go one step further and comply with the 3R rule.  This proposal for responsible consumption, popularized by the environmental NGO Greenpeace, is based on three principles:

It is ideal for the little ones to learn to differentiate between the garbage bins (paper, glass, plastic, etc.). By putting them on paper, they identify, relate and better retain their shapes, colors and uses.


Shall we get started? Below, you can find the materials you need for this project. As for tools, you don’t really need any, aside from a hot glue gun. That means this project is accessible to anyone with just a few simple supplies.

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Unlike a traditional Christmas tree (or trees you cut down to make books), the tree you just created can decorate your home every vacation season. To make sure it stays in pristine condition, you’ll want to take better care of it than you probably did the antique book you used to create it.

In fact, the first steps in creating the book angel are exactly the same steps you used to create the book tree. Therefore, you should find it easy to move from one project to the other.

How to make a backpack at home (Recycling) Ecobrisa.

It is an awareness, almost like the new generations, who are all about the environment. Now there is a paradigm shift in the sense that things can be reused, there is no reason to throw them away. (Daniela Puig, quality control manager at Green Libros)

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Our new columnist, Carla Fuentes of Sistema B, tells us why going B doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. In the case of these companies, it is an excellent option that brings benefits and positive impacts for everyone.

Ancient poems, religious texts and the life and customs of old villages. Much of this has been preserved thanks to books that today preserve humanity as treasures of our history that have been saved from terrible disasters.

Matías Rivas, poet and director of UDP editions and Gerardo Jara, Catalonia’s bookseller, share with us their literary preferences for this summer, highlighting Chilean and foreign authors from major publishers and also independent ones. Let’s read!


In addition, a significant reduction in urban waste would be achieved and more efficient waste management could be carried out. This would lay the foundations for solving one of the great ecological problems of today’s society.

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This ‘3R’ rule not only applies to personal consumption habits, it can also be applied to companies. To do so, they need to take two aspects into account: waste management and environmental consulting.

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