Are tuna fisheries sustainable?

Almadrabas, sustainable fishing for three thousand years.

Good fishing practices. Use of FADs to reduce the entanglement of associated species; release maneuvers of associated species; and on-board observers (human or electronic) in 100% of the fishing activity.

ExperiencesCredibility towards the consumerMarta PagazaurtunduaQuality ManagerSALICA Food IndustrySALICA is a company committed to sustainability whose main values are respect, honesty and responsibility. These values, together with the position we occupy in the supply chain, make us the link between the consumer and the seafarers, and allow us to bring two very different worlds closer together, making us a relevant figure with a great responsibility.

Demanding sustainable tuna fishing in Thailand

In addition, monitoring and evaluation will be fundamental, and for this purpose two types of indicators will be used: 1) Management indicators to measure compliance with the execution of actions and 2) Results indicators to assess the achievement of the established objectives (components, purpose and goals).

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This, considering that the General Law of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture confers to Agriculture, through Inapesca, the power to prepare and update the Fisheries Management Plans.

Sustainable tuna fisheries in Mogán (Gran Canaria)

The meeting held by videoconference from October 18 to 22 has ended last night with advances in the conservation of fisheries in the eastern Pacific, by ensuring the sustainable exploitation of bigeye, skipjack and yellowfin tuna stocks at maximum sustainable yield, in line with the recommendations of the IATTC scientific advisory committee.

Thus, the industrial purse seine fleet will apply an annual closure of 72 days in the eastern Pacific area, with an extension of 8 additional days for the fleets that have higher bigeye tuna catches. Also, new provisions are introduced for the sake of fishing sustainability on fish aggregating devices to limit the impact of this fishing technique on the ecosystem.

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Sustainable tuna fishing – Educational Resource

The General Director of Fisheries Management and Aquaculture, Ignacio Gandarias, highlighted in his speech the commitment of the General Secretariat of Fisheries to environmental, economic and social sustainability, and reported on the draft Sustainable Fisheries Law that is currently being processed as well as the application of financial instruments of the FEMP and FEMPA fisheries funds so that the sector can invest in sustainability projects. From the Secretariat, support was expressed for private initiatives that contribute to achieve this sustainability and provide more specific information to the consumer.

In 2019, we launched our environmental education program, focused on SDG 14, underwater life, through which we have collaborated with various educational platforms such as Somos Científicos, Ambientech, Surf and Clean.

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Recently, we have started working with the Teachers for Future movement, thanks to whose collaboration we reached more than 10,000 students who joined in celebrating with us the importance of the oceans.