Are wooden or plastic chopsticks better?

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When is it recommended to use toothpicks? When we are away from home and can’t brush or floss our teeth, and food is trapped between our teeth, it bothers us a lot, and can irritate the gums. This is better in the worst case scenario, than leaving food debris overnight.

Is the toothpick also important in oral hygiene instead of flossing? No, no. The dental stick is not part of oral hygiene and should not be seen as a substitute for interdental brushes, dental floss or oral irrigators to clean between the teeth. The toothpick does not have the ability to clean plaque and there is no possibility of cleaning the tooth surface. It causes pressure on the gums that will cause them to recede, resulting in receding gums, widening the interdental spaces and causing more food to penetrate through the sides.

Plastic toothpicks: Thanks to the industrial development they managed to overcome the disadvantages of wooden toothpicks and began to produce plastic toothpicks, even triangular shape is the most convenient today. Advantages: No breakage, triangular shape adapted to the anatomy of the teeth and gums. Disadvantages: one-time use.

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Eating with chopsticks. Learn how to handle them. Eating

What is the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean chopsticks? How to eat Ramen and other soups with chopsticks? How to use chopsticks? What are the best Japanese chopsticks to give as a gift? If you have any of these questions, this article will help you understand everything about these utensils used in Japanese and Asian food in general.

Historically, it has been studied that humans have been eating with chopsticks since the 4th century BC and since then, chopsticks have evolved differently adapting to different cultures and gastronomic customs.

There are historical reasons why there are different styles of chopsticks.    For example, the Chinese love to share food at the table.    If you have noticed, in Chinese restaurants there is always a round table with a large rotating base plate on which food is left for sharing.    This custom probably started in the 10th century, when tables and chairs were introduced to China from Central and Western Asia.    With these tables and chairs, the Chinese sit at the table in a group and begin to share the food.

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Plastic sticks are convenient to use for cleaning the bridge, although it is better not to resort to them at all, but to install implants that fully restore the tooth. But due to the high prices of such a procedure, not everyone can afford this luxury.

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As history shows, Neanderthals invented toothpicks. After examining the skulls of this population, deep grooves were discovered at the base of the crown, which, it is assumed, remained after using objects for brushing teeth from animal bones.

Henry Petroski’s book “Toothpick: Technology and Culture” describes the entire history of the creation and development of the product, its application features, its contribution to culture, history and military affairs.

Popular models of toothpick products are individually wrapped (each piece in a film), which is clearly different from plastic or glass containers, where the contents are only under a protective cover.

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At just 23 cm long with a textured surface, they provide great control for picking up your favorite sushi or tempura rolls, although the pointy tips can be a little tricky for less experienced users.

These chopsticks are a stylish and functional option for those who want to carry their own reusable chopsticks for lunches in the workplace, if you want to take them to your favorite restaurant or while traveling.

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They are perfect for both outdoor camping and indoor use. These chopsticks come in a sturdy aluminum housing that makes them easy to store during travel and camping trips.

You can keep them on your desk at work or take them to school and college, just put them in a backpack. There is socket at the bottom which holds the chopsticks firmly and does not allow the chopsticks to bend accidentally.

If you are looking for a restaurant style chopstick to use for your own family dinners, try these TOTKEN fiberglass alloy chopsticks, which are paint and coating free, no crack, no deformation, no fad, no color fading.