Can I put empty paint tins in recycling?

How to recycle old paint

Generally, recyclers, both private and government-established, prefer to recycle materials made of steel. Thus, paint cans are not difficult to receive for recycling. Their preference is not misplaced.

Unlike the original manufacturing process, steel recycling requires little or no energy. In addition to established recycling organizations, people in the recycling business also prefer steel materials.

Their main function is to clean the paint cans before handing them over for recycling. We know you can’t wait to get rid of them, but take some time to clean out the paint residue.

When paint cans are recycled with leftover paint in them, the emission is toxic. Similarly, paint residue left in paint cans can make recycling difficult, if not impossible.

Therefore, you should make sure that painters use up the contents of the paint cans you are sending for recycling. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves you some money.

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Recycling of paints and solvents

Yes! Paint cans are recyclable, but their contents are not. So, in order not to waste anything, optimize the quantities, calculate well how much paint you are going to need, and if you have any left over, donate it or keep it to use it before it dries. Look closely at the labels.

The recycling process can be quite similar to that of ordinary packaging, except for the pre-treatment. Tinplate is 100% recyclable! The cans are cleaned, removing paint residue, and then sorted by material type.

Throwing paint on google

The best way to take advantage of these types of paint is to save them for future use. It is important to close the container well so that they last in good condition, as well as to store them in a dry and cool place. Similarly, these paints can be donated or donated to organizations that need them because of their durability.

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Other types of waste such as solvents, turpentine, aerosols or chemical products must also be treated with special attention due to their toxicity. They should be taken, in the same way as leftover paint, to a clean point.

Where to throw away spoiled paint

At Novasol Spray we care about the environment. For this reason, this post aims to inform our customers about where to throw away empty sprays, as well as the importance of recycling them.

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The company that manages and is responsible for collecting the cost of recycling is Ecoembes. When the container bears this symbol, you have the right and obligation to deposit the empty container in the appropriate container. As mentioned above, in the case of spray paint, it will be the yellow container (remember: only empty containers).