Can I sell a mobility scooter on Facebook marketplace?


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I also remind you that if you have a disability certificate of more than 33% you are entitled to a VAT reduction. In scooters for people with disabilities the default VAT is 21% and with the certificate drops to 4% so the savings is considerable.

They are the best selling models on the market, with a big difference compared to the rest. They are economical, transportable and with a very good maneuverability. A little weak in outdoor behavior but as I said before, you can not have everything.

Scooter with excellent value for money. For people who need a scooter for daily use in the city and do not need to make long trips. Batteries of 12Ah. and 180W motors, both a little fair but sufficient for many users in their day to day thus achieving a very tight price. You can find it in version Libercar Smart of 3 wheels or in version of 4 wheels:

Sales Techniques How to Sell Carts

Once we have completed the analysis of the factors mentioned above, we can move on to choose the type of handicapped electric scooter (discarding the models that due to their width, length, autonomy, and maximum allowed weight would not fit our factors).

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This type of handicapped electric scooter is generally small in size (approx. 1m in length – folding handicapped scooter) and can be disassembled into 3-5 parts so that the transfer in case of travel in the trunk of the car can be done without difficulty.

This type of electric scooter for the elderly can not be disassembled, but is provided with greater autonomy (up to approx. 45-55km depending on model), engine power (between 250-450W), being much longer than other models on the marketLee mas

This high performance detachable scooter (250W motor, max speed 8km/h…) will guarantee you a total autonomy thanks to its 20Ah batteries. You will be able to charge your scooter both through the battery box and the…

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This electric unit has two motors that work independently, its shape is like a cylinder, and they are placed on supports. They work on each wheel, by belt drive, although the power is not direct. The belts turn a shaft, which is connected to what could be a 104° miter gear coupling.

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While the braking system also catches the eye. Both discs and calipers are located at the beginning of the aforementioned transmission system, and are positioned horizontally.

On the other hand the steering would act on one or both wheels, with another, shorter belt that is below the main one. This would give the driver the possibility to turn 180° without the need to move forward, providing an improvement in the maneuverability of the machine. Also, thanks to this system it would be possible to move sideways.

Thanks to the photos published by Motorcycle News and the images of the youtuber Motobob we can take a closer look at these machines of unknown name. The single-cylinder engine is the first thing that catches the attention, both could share the block, which would have a displacement of between 350 and 500 cc.

The BEST ELECTRIC scooter in 2020 (AIMA t3)

The supply of electric motorcycles is growing all the time; but don’t hurry, we’ve done some of the work for you. We have selected the most interesting options, whether you are looking for a moped or scooter to move around the city, or if you want an electric motorcycle that allows you to make longer trips.

Before moving on to the list of motorcycles, let us remind you that the Moves III Plan (already in force) offers aid for the purchase of electric motorcycles. The discount for two-wheelers can reach up to 1,300 euros if an old one is handed in for scrapping.

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The e-volt Style uses a 48V motor; it has 45 hp of power and reaches a top speed of 45 km/h. A 2.7 kWh lithium battery that can be charged to 100% in six hours or 80% in 3.5 hours is responsible for storing the energy it needs. In the city, it has an approved range of 130 km.

This electric scooter not only looks like a Vespa, it is a Vespa. It is the second plug-in model of the legendary Piaggio Group brand. It has a power of 3.6 kW (4.8 hp and a maximum peak power of 4 kW, or 5.4 hp.