Can newspaper be recycled?

How to recycle plastic bottles

Use newspaper instead of cloth rags or paper towels to clean your windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Paper towels scratch them. For some reason, newspaper is the perfect solution for a polished, shiny finish.

3. Wrap newspaper around your rain-soaked shoes. The paper will help absorb moisture and allow your shoes to dry faster, preventing mold, mildew and other sources of stink.

6. Use a few layers of newspaper under the tablecloth. This offers some padding for your elbows, while also providing some additional protection for the wood underneath.

Newsprint figures

The paper that is recycled can be ground paper, which are the paper trimmings and scraps left over from paper manufacturing and recycled at the paper mill, post-consumer waste, which are those papers already used that the consumer discards, such as magazines, newspapers, office paper… and pre-consumer waste, those that have been discarded to prepare them for consumption.

Ecological paper should not be confused with recycled paper. Ecological paper is so called because the amount of energy and natural resources used in its production has been reduced, and its bleaching is carried out using oxygen or its derivatives or using other processes in which chlorine is not used.

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This type of paper was first produced in Japan as an initiative of the Mainichi Newspapers Co. Ltd. newspaper. It launched a special edition of its newspaper written with vegetable ink and in which a large number of seeds were inserted.

The liters of water saved by recycling paper, liters of oil, pollutants and the amount of energy must also be taken into account. Paper recycling companies often use energy from biomass. In terms of pollution, recycling reduces water pollution by 35% and air pollution by 74%.

Tissues can be recycled

Cubinatur 100% made of PVC to deposit paper. A very practical model with wheels and safety key, ideal for use in warehouses. Did you know that 1 ton (1,000 kg) of recycled paper saves 26 m3 of water?

Fluorescent lamps require mercury to produce light and this material is toxic. This cardboard bin will allow you to properly recycle energy-saving light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and LED lamps. It is important to be aware that the dose of mercury from one bulb could contaminate all the water in a swimming pool.

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A model of a large rigid cardboard bin with a lid and slot for recycling plastic (without liquids) of various types.recycling a PET plastic bottle saves the energy needed to run a television for 20 minutes.

Have you ever thought that by recycling just 8 cereal cartons you could make a book? Well, something as easy as recycling all types of cardboard (boxes, lids and folders) can be done by installing this rigid cardboard cubinatur with lid and slot in your company.

Soda cans can be recycled

We hear more and more about the urgent need to take care of our planet and the natural resources it offers us, without which life would be impossible, such as water or the oxygen produced by plants and trees.

One way is through recycling. This time we are going to talk about something different than depositing the products to be recycled in the container, we are going to see 4 ways to take advantage of the paper that you have recycled, making the most of it and turning it into new items.

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Now we will show you 4 ways that will help you to take advantage of the paper you have recycled and turn the paper you no longer use into things that will be very useful and at the same time you will contribute to take care of the planet.

One of the main ways to recycle paper is to save the sheets that have been printed on one side only. Instead of discarding these sheets, you can print them the next time on the blank side.