Can you drive a mobility scooter with one hand?

How to drive a car adapted for the disabled with

To all this we add a modern urban layout, with excellent sidewalks and all kinds of urban adaptations for the use of wheelchairs and electric scooters for people with reduced mobility.

Our scooter catalog is composed of a selection of the best models from the best manufacturers (Invacare, Sterling, Vermeiren), so we can guarantee maximum warranty and the best quality.

We recommend you not to buy second hand scooters for disabled people, because one of the main disadvantages that you can find is that as a result of wear and tear, both the motor and the batteries can be in bad condition.

In addition there are other elements that wear out causing an uncomfortable experience for the user. We understand that there may be an economic reason of weight, because second hand scooters are cheaper, but you should think about the possibility of buying a new scooter, in installments without interest, with all the guarantees, both from the manufacturer and the one we offer with our technical service repair at home.


It is not only a vehicle, but also an entertainment device. Enjoy your journeys with this new ecological mobility. Ideal for going to the office, school, park and places where traffic and parking issues are an important factor.

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The SPEED CRAZY L-ES1 scooter comes in Oxford Grey color, a color pleasing to the eye and at the same time makes it look elegant. Its 10.4 Ah lithium battery allows you to travel 25 to 30 km on a single charge. Total charging time averages 5 hours. Its 8.5-inch pneumatic tires allow for a more pleasant ride. Its eABS and disc brakes provide a quick response to any situation and its dimensions of 1094*430*117mm (unfolded) and 1094*428*474 mm (folded) allow it to be stored in any space.

City life and silence never go hand in hand. Almost all vehicles cause enormous noise (cars, motorcycles, buses, subways, etc.), unlike e-scooters that generate little or no ambient sound.

Is it worth buying an electric motorcycle?

Frequently Asked QuestionsDo you have any questions? Contact our Customer Service teamHow do I find Cooltra on the FREE NOW App? You can find Cooltra scooters on our App. Click on the two-wheeler icon and all Cooltra locations near you will be shown on the map. How do I verify my driving license? Before your first ride with Cooltra, you must validate your driving license, just once, using the FREE NOW App. Simply follow the instructions on the App. The validation will take only 2 minutes and you will be ready to start moving. How do I reserve and pay for a Cooltra? Simply click on one of the Cooltra icons on the map when you are near the bike. Then select “Rent” to activate the scooter.  At the end of your trip, finalize the rental again through the App. Payment is also made directly and easily through the App with QuickPay. Both credit card and PayPal are possible payment much does a ride with Cooltra cost? the fare is 0,28 € per minute.who can I turn to if something doesn’t work? please contact us directly. Our customer service team will be happy to answer your questions and help you.  Customer Support

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One of the main challenges a biker faces when planning his trip is the luggage; how much, how and where to carry it can become not only a headache if things are not done right but something much worse: a cause of an accident.

1-Knowing what to bringThe first tip is to be very careful when deciding what to bring, which means, in reality, spare clothes, first aid kit and essential personal equipment. It is much more practical to go for the basics – it is surprising how many things we do not really need even if we think we do – and if necessary acquire what we need during the trip.

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2-Comfortable means safeWhen it comes to motorcycle travel, comfort and safety are exactly the same thing. Never subordinate comfort to the stability of the luggage. As the kilometers go by, a posture forced by a backpack or a badly placed bag, however slight it may seem, ends up becoming an intense pain that will affect your concentration and by extension your safety.