How can I sell recycled materials?

Undertakings with recycled materials

Thinking about how important it is for your company to maintain order and cleanliness in its facilities, we avoid the accumulation of waste by providing the necessary equipment for its proper internal management, such as compactors and containers for its later collection and recycling.

There is a large amount of confidential documents. In MRS we are professionals, we perform the destruction of your files with total discretion and security by destroying the documents or assets by providing a letter of validation of the same.

To become the main waste management company in the center of the country that provides society with an integral and ecological recycling solution in the management of resources and waste, through honest work, with quality as a means, seeking excellence and loyalty in its employees, with the highest sense of responsibility, focused on the safety and prosperity of the entire organization.

To provide an integral service in the management of resources and waste, promoting in society a culture of awareness and respect for the environment through recycling, serving the customer with a high level of efficiency with quality and enthusiasm, always on time, seeking to exceed their expectations at a fair price.

Where can I sell plastic for recycling?

Setting up a store selling recycled products is a good way to generate income and at the same time be environmentally friendly. In addition, municipalities are creating new initiatives to encourage society to recycle.

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For example, if you decide to recycle paper, you can rent a place with enough space to put in the back room machines that recycle and manufacture office supplies, and in the front, a stationery store.

For example, you can set up a clean point in a busy area where you can place a container for the material you have chosen to recycle, so that people can throw away the waste for free.

Here you can collaborate with offices that frequently throw away paper and cardboard if you want to recycle paper, or with bars and factories if you are going to reuse materials such as oil, metals, plastics or glass.

This is the final step in starting your recycling business. Once you’ve seen a few places to rent, contact different recycling equipment manufacturers and ask each one for a price quote.

Recycling home shopping

10 Products to recycle better paid Recycling is easier than it seems and there are good opportunities to sell those products that you have at home, that you don’t use, that no longer serve you and that instead of throwing in the trash, you can take advantage of them, since you vacate space, earn a little extra money and also help the environment. Believe it or not, one of the main steps to help the environment is to recycle and reuse, we are sure that every day you buy a plastic bottle, water, soda, shampoo or something made of glass; in your office you have dead paper, you buy magazines and beauty or clothing catalogs or you keep cardboard, cereal boxes, the one from the television.

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1) Paper. The price of white paper that has already been used is one of the best paid with an approximate of 2.50 or 3 pesos per kilogram. For each ton of recycled paper, 17 trees are saved and 28 thousand liters of water are saved. The paper you bring must be dry and free of mold.

2) Newspaper. Newspaper is one of those that are not so well paid, but if you collect enough you will get a good amount. A kilo can be purchased for 1.50. Recycling a ton of newspaper saves about a ton of wood.

Sale of handmade recycled products

The recycling market is growing by leaps and bounds in Chile, being a source of great business opportunities that entrepreneurs can take advantage of, especially now that the law on plastic bags has been approved, and many entrepreneurs have implemented new products and / or ways of packaging them to be framed in this law, or others thanks to the new policy, have devised products that meet it.

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Although it is still a young industry, institutional changes such as the “waste recovery law” or REP (Extended Producer Responsibility) and the law on plastic bags, provide spaces of high potential for future business for new ventures.

Recycling is a symptom of developed or developing countries, it is typical of those who today understand that the development of a -Green Economy- or sustainable. However, it is a clear indicator of accelerated growth, so worrying about the environment and the sustainable development of companies is a good country, which generates great opportunities for social development.