How can we save Earth from plastic?

How to save the planet from pollution

The headlines and images in the news are grim: the death of a pilot whale on a Thai beach after swallowing 80 plastic bags; shocking photographs of turtles trapped in plastic rings used to hold soda can packages together; a heartbreaking image of a seahorse clinging to a cotton swab going viral on social media. Plastic products are washed up daily by the tide on beaches around the world, from Indonesia to the shores of West Africa, and canals and rivers in cities are increasingly polluted with plastic waste.

However, the world is watching the situation with interest and countries, the private sector and communities have begun to act, implementing measures ranging from bans and taxes on numerous plastic disposable items, investments in waste collection, policies on plastic packaging reduction to beach clean-up operations. We are trying to end the addiction to plastic products, and contribute to healthier lives and a cleaner planet.

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How to eliminate plastic

Our daily routines include a lot of plastic. In fact, so much so that you may not even realize how often we use it. You can go greener, with the following simple tips:

Then…. What, are you up for it? How are you or will you reduce plastic in your life? Share your tips in the comments section to inspire others to reduce plastic pollution.

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How can we save the planet

Is it possible to conceive of a future without plastic? Some predict that the future depletion of fossil fuels will force it, so it will be necessary to develop substitute materials. But even in this case, the end of plastic would not mean its disappearance from the Earth, due to the very slow degradation of these polymers, so it would also be necessary to address decontamination measures. This is the picture of efforts towards the goal of achieving a plastic-free planet.

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But it is not easy; synthetic resins are present, in one way or another, in most of what we buy, consume and discard. The reason is that petroleum yields polymers with enormous versatility and very diverse properties, and making the reverse journey to naturally occurring materials does not seem a universal solution. Monitoring and reducing the use of plastics is the mission of organizations such as the Plastic Disclosure Project. It bases its objectives on its motto of the four “R’s”: reuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.


Our planet is at risk and needs everyone’s help! ⚠ Water pollution and global warming have advanced to i-n-a-u-d-i-t-o-s levels. Faced with this situation, actions must be taken to take care of the environment.

Are you ready to join in caring for the planet? Then get comfortable and get to know 16 actions to take care of the environment. Scientists and ecologists assure that these measures work, so, applying them, you will see very positive changes.

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Saving water is one of the best actions to take care of the environment. Less than 3% of the water on planet Earth is fit for human consumption. In other words, if we do not take care of it, we will have to say goodbye to this vital liquid.