How do I get rid of cardboard packaging?

Where to dispose of Styrofoam

Coffee cups and take-out restaurant boxesWhy they are not recyclableTake-out coffee cups and other take-out food containers are not accepted in recycling programs because they are coated with plastic or wax, making them difficult to separate from paper in the recycling process. These items should be thrown in the trash. What else can I do?

Containers and jarsWhy they are not recyclableCycle glass in a separate container. Never mix glass with paper, plastic or metal recyclables.  Mixing glass with other items can break down and contaminate other recyclables, making them difficult or impossible to recycle.What else can I do?

Envelopes with bubble packaging insideWhy they are not recyclablePadded and plastic shipping envelopes cannot be recycled at home. These items are made of various materials, which are difficult and laborious to separate. The best place for padded envelopes and plastic shipping envelopes is in the trash (unless you can reuse them!).What else can I do?

Yellow container

Glass, however, in many cities, is separated between dark and light glass (a wine bottle would be the light and a beer bottle the dark) Jars of jam and perfumes will also go here.

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I would like to know where I can throw dye tubes, with and without ammonia, whole, unused…The little boxes in the cardboard one, the empty tubes, I think in the yellow one, but the full ones I think I shouldn’t throw them in the same container.

Hello, I am a physio and I would like to know if and where I can recycle the nitrile gloves that I sometimes use in the clinic to work…they are not contaminated, they are for hygienic-preventive use for acupuncture…thank you!

X-rays are composed of a plastic film with silver salts, which are a heavy metal and, if placed in the same container as normal urban waste, can lead to further contamination.

Please do not use “organic waste” to dispose of various types of things, such as ceramics, because it confuses those of us who are looking for where to properly dispose of waste. Ceramics go in the waste container (gray bin with orange lid). If you can, please be more specific, because many times we throw things where we shouldn’t because it is difficult to find the right information. Thank you very much, anyway, for all the information collected on this website.

How to recycle plastic at home

Yellow, blue, orange or brown container, are you clear on how to recycle? Having only good intentions is not enough, you have to know where to throw eggshells, bottle caps, the remains of a pizza box, paper napkins? We offer you the definitive guide to recycling so that you never have doubts again.

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Giving new life to the objects you throw away or, when you have no choice but to throw them away, disposing of them in the cleanest, least polluting way are basic gestures of sustainability. There are others that are also: if you bet on a different consumption, take a step forward:

Where to dispose of glass bottles caba

Metal: Metal containers such as aluminum trays, aerosols, deodorant bottles, metal caps and lids, as well as milk, juice and soup cartons, among others, should also be thrown into this container.

Of course, even if what you want to throw away is made of plastic, it does not always have to end up in the yellow garbage can. Broken toys, bottles, plastic kitchen utensils or plastic buckets are NOT recycled so you have to throw them in the organic waste garbage can. As well as the blister packs of medicines that should be taken to a SIGRE point of the pharmacies.

Magazines that you have kept since 1994, old newspapers, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, frozen food boxes… All of them should go to the blue garbage can so that they can be turned back into paper and thus reduce the overexploitation of natural resources.

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Bottles of wine, champagne or various liquors should go into the green garbage can, together with perfume and cologne bottles and jars of preserves, jams, vegetables… The stoppers, if they are of natural cork, should go to the organic garbage container and, if they are plastic, to the yellow one. Glass can be 100% recycled an indefinite number of times after being washed and melted.