How do I get started with plastic surgery?

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More and more women are undergoing breast augmentation operations. This means that more and more women want a second breast augmentation operation. This second operation can occur for several reasons, among others:

Although there are numerous cosmetic surgery treatments, usually the most frequently asked questions of most patients are usually the same. We summarize the five questions that any cosmetic surgery patient asks us when coming to the clinic:

A large part of cosmetic surgery operations are performed in the months prior to summer. When the cold weather passes, we begin to think about summer, the beach, light clothing, and that’s when we become more aware of those parts of the body that are not so good looking…Read more

An ungraceful nose influences the overall shape and harmony of the face, which is why many people feel self-conscious and decide to undergo surgery to look good every day in front of the mirror. This is the reason why rhinoplasty is the most common procedure…Read more

How to dress for surgery

First of all, you must think well if you really want to undergo the operation. We recommend you to make a list of pros and cons, as well as look for information about the surgery. Once you have made the decision, you must verify that your doctor is an accredited surgeon, plastic surgery is one of the specialties with more intrusion.

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The doctor and his group of specialists will indicate a series of tests and examinations that you must undergo before the operation. These tests are important, since they will inform the doctor of your state of health and reduce the risk of the operation having unwanted side effects.

Some of the tests are: hemogram, coagulation test or HSV test (herpes simplex virus). Although, depending on the intervention, others may be performed, such as rhinomanometry, in the case of rhinoplasty, or mammography, in the case of breast surgery.

In the days, and even weeks, before the operation, a series of simple indications should be followed. These are usually complemented with a list of personal indications according to each particular case.

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Tummy Tuck

It is normal to experience pain, bruising and swelling of the breasts or incisions after arriving home. These symptoms will disappear in a few days or weeks. There may be loss of feeling in the breast skin and nipples after surgery. You may need help with daily activities for a few days until the pain and swelling subside.

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Here are 8 tips from the plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic, the Ocean Clinic in Marbella, to get in excellent condition before surgery and speed up recovery. Follow these steps and you will have the opportunity to recover sooner.

For better healing, avoid smoking in the weeks before surgery. The nicotine in cigarettes increases levels of the pituitary hormone vasopressin, which constricts blood vessels, decreasing blood flow, resulting in worse results and slower healing. Of course, if you have surgery to look younger, you have to stop smoking for your well-being, because many studies have proven that smoking accelerates the appearance of wrinkles.

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Although science has not definitively proven the effectiveness of arnica, a homeopathic remedy, many people believe it reduces bruising. You can start taking arnica pills 48 hours before surgery and continue for 7-10 days afterwards. In many patients, this herb seems to give less bruising, especially in rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty, making it easier to resume your daily life. You can also apply arnica in cream form.