How do you dispose of furniture in Germany?

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Getty ImagesAlthough it’s hard to admit, keeping your furniture free of pet hair can be a real challenge. Especially during shedding season, dogs and cats tend to shed a lot of fur that ends up on your couch, bed, carpets and other surfaces.Although the amount of hair that falls depends on factors such as feeding, brushing and even breed, the truth is that keeping your furniture hair-free shouldn’t be a problem. From brushing your pet regularly to placing covers or using microfiber, there are tricks that make cleaning your home easier, eliminating hair from your furniture and improving the coexistence with your pets.Therefore, we tell you some tips on how to keep your furniture free of pet hair.Brushing your pet regularly helps to prevent hair loss.

Waste in Germany

Yoghurt pots, juice cartons, beer cans… Packaging in Germany is not simply thrown away. The Dual System in Germany is responsible for the separate collection and recycling of materials such as paper, aluminum, plastic and glass. The recycling system is financed by licensing traders, manufacturers, importers and packagers who mark their products with the “Green Dot”.

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Sustainability in Germany The following portals provide information on political programs and show you how citizens and companies can also act responsibly.

Waste management in Germany

Advice in the online furniture store – is it really possible? We think so. If you are a furniture manufacturer, you can say more about your products. That is why we ask you to contact us directly with your questions. This gives us the opportunity to constantly improve our offer and the presentation of our product and to adapt it more precisely to your needs. We welcome inquiries and will gladly send material samples, fabric samples and color samples. Of course, this service is free of charge for you, as well as the delivery of the furniture and a possible return if you are not satisfied. Please read the cancellation policy on this subject.

Check that the furniture in the store is right for your home? Have you ever dared to ask this question in a furniture store? Everyone knows that feeling, of wanting to know if the chair, table or bookcase really fits our home, you only find that out when you have the new furniture at home and can try it out in peace and quiet.

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Recycling companies in Germany

Cockroaches usually appear in toilets or kitchens, because that is where they find food and water. They also have dark hiding places and hot spots where they can make themselves at home and breed. One of its favorite spots is the refrigerator motor. Juanjo Molinero, technical manager of the pest control company Conplag, explains this to RAC1. He explains that the easiest way to see if they are present or not is by removing the fridge and looking for them next to the motor.

There are three types of cockroaches. The German cockroach or kitchen beetle is the most common, since it is the one that appears indoors. There is also the Oriental cockroach and the American cockroach, which usually live in the street. Even so, it is also possible for these two to enter premises, first floors or apartments near the street. As for the German cockroach, it can appear in any apartment, and if a neighbor of the community has one, it is very easy that it ends up appearing in the rest of the houses.

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The problem with cockroaches is that they leave a trail that is harmful to health. They leave it on the food, on the marble in the kitchen, everywhere they go. It’s their way of marking the path where they must pass. Among the health problems they can cause is the transmission of different bacteria, such as salmonella. They can also spread viruses and fungi and even cause asthma or other allergies.