How far should I be able to throw a putter?

Degrees of the golf clubs

I have created my swing routine with the pointer to avoid “silly puts” and always keep my concentration and calmness (which are two little things that often leave me). This helps me to keep constant references, such as the toes, to control the amplitude of the swing and the “point of aim”.

If we suppose that we are able to make a perfect pendulum, without changing other planes, then if we manage to leave fixed the point X as the center of the pendulum swing we will get a perfect movement.

And now we look at the drawings, in the central one a neutral posture would be represented, in the left one a narrow posture, and the one on the right a wide posture. If we do not forget the initial hypothesis that we do not lose other planes in the movement, if we have to increase the arc of the pendulum we obtain greater stability and therefore probability that the point X does not move increasing the “base”, the position on the right is more stable than the one on the left. This is pure physics.

Loft iron 4

The drill is over when five perfect scans are completed with perfect scans and Eyes Calm. If you scan right-to-left putting in the drill session, switch to left-to-right putting in the next session.

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“Students often ask me which part of the ball they should look at. The research seems to be inconclusive. I have had those who have found themselves fine looking at the back of the ball, to the top, to the side where the hole remains, and even a blade of grass in front of the ball, and this with a stronger or softer focus. Experience tells me that what works well for me will not be good for you. Or it might be. You’ll have to experiment to find the one that allows you to execute the fundamentals consistently.” (J.S.) The important thing is that you have a reference point on the ball that is where your “Calm Eyes” are looking when executing the putting stroke.

As we have already mentioned, stability is the second IN-THE-SHOT foundation that affects your ability to roll the ball down the line. You have to do it in two ways, with your stance, which we addressed in the previous post, and WITH YOUR EYES which is what we are going to look at now.

Wedge golf degrees

The second part of my putter analysis is going to be very much related to the awareness of how we make mistakes in our purchases and what we carry in our bag, using it more than 30 times per round.

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This is something I have heard many times and honestly, I don’t totally agree. Because to kick well and make optimal results is necessary, technical work, many hours of work and a consistent movement. Talent is something that is a plus for the player.

Golf as you all know is the least natural sport that you can find, and for a very clear reason, it is not something we do on a daily basis and less from the moment of birth, or what in physical education are called primitive movements (running, jumping, throwing objects, etc).

And the first law of the correct biomechanics of movement in golf is… to have the clubs perfectly adjusted to the posture of the player and that allow a teacher to create a standard in the stance. In order to facilitate the movement of the body.

Custom golf club measurement chart.

These degrees are the ones that will mark the height with which the ball will be launched at the moment of impact. The clubs that make more distance (such as the Driver and woods), have less loft degrees, and that is the reason why they manage to send the ball farther, with a lower ball flight trajectory. On the other hand, clubs with more loft (such as wedges) are clubs that elevate the ball a lot at impact, creating a higher flight path and thus making less distance.

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The less loft a golf club has, the harder it is to get a good impact on the ball. This is why the driver is the most difficult golf club in the bag, and wedges are usually the most accurate.

Each brand of golf clubs manufactures its clubs with the lofts it finds most convenient. That makes it quite difficult to find similar lofts for the same type of iron from different brands. Even so, the standard used by all of them is similar to this one: