How much is scrap metal worth per pound today?

When we talk about recycling, scrap metal cannot be avoided, this sort of items sometimes can be much more useful than you think, as they have a hidden value you can take advantage from.

This kind of objects contain all sorts of metals and have several purposes, as in the case of iron, used on electricity pylons, magnets, civil engineering, etc.

Unfortunately, these metals are obtained from mining, generating pollution as a result. In fact, selling your scrap metal is not only rewarding but it’s also eco-friendly, why not doing so? Then, if you want to know how to get profit from this practice, keep reading.

What is It?

In short, scrap metal is a sort of junk, it is all the waste obtained from gathering small metal pieces fallen from greater objects, but also whole entire items that include all this type of materials such as vehicles, refrigerators, air conditioning, tires, pots, pans, etc.

This scrap can be classified into two big groups:

Ferrous Metals

In this category are collected all and every material that contains iron, for instance, home appliances, cars, steel cans, etc. They are the most recycled category with a rate of 60,3%, this is good to its longevity and versatility.

This type of scrap metal can is used after recycling in various objects such as:

  • Tools (0 screwdrivers, chisels, etc.)
  • New appliances.
  • Toggles, beams, slabs (in construction).
  • Magnets.
  • Ship’s hulls.

Non-Ferrous Metals

In this category we can find, therefore, metals with no iron in their structure. This sort of scrap metal is not as recycled as ferrous ones, they have a recycling rate lower than 10%.

Even though this resource is less popular than the spoiled iron, it is a non-corrosive material besides its malleability, these features grant non-ferrous the opportunity to be used in:

  • Bullets.
  • Pipes.
  • Tools.
  • Wiring.
  • Gutters.

How to Sell Them

After you have read all this info you might be astonished for all the rewards this “garbage” could grant you and the environment, that’s why we bring you some options to finally sell this trash.

In Person

Going to your local landfill is an option you should always take into consideration. This option has the advantage to take all you scrap metal yourself and personally trade with the one in charge. That way you can save money regarding transportation fees, this is very useful in cases where you have heavy items.

If you need some guidance when finding your local scrab yard and or not being scammed, this group  can be very useful, just visit their web page or download their app.


Nowadays it’s very difficult not to find something you can do online, selling you scrab metal is not the exemption. Doing it online will allow you to stay comfy at your home, while someone else just gets to your house to pick the items that you posted.

There are several options available, we bring this company that will can provide you with their services.

If you plan to go though this process, we highly recommend:

  • Checking and posting in different applications.
  • Taking good and clear pictures, it is best when you have daylight.
  • Knowing the weight of your garbage in pounds.
  • Write a standard description of the current state of these objects.


Finally, we get to know the price of this junk, if you have a huge amount of this, get ready to sell. The following numbers are given per pounds.

  • Bare bright cooper wire $2,11
  • #1 cooper tubing $2,01
  • #2 cooper tubing $1,92
  • Insulated Cooper wire $0,54
  • THHN wire $1,12
  • Romex wire $1,02
  • Steel Bx $0,14
  • Electric motors cooper $0,10
  • Aluminum rims $0,37
  • Domestic cats $87 each
  • Hard drives $0,32
  • Sheet Aluminum $0,20
  • Aluminum Radiators $0,20
  • #1 Steel $107 (per ton)

These prices have been taken from Iscrab, and are just a reference. If you want to know more about other pieces of metal scrab, visit their web page or download their app.

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