Is it healthy to reuse cooking oil?

Reused oil is carcinogenic

But it also comes from a certain perception that oil is just another tool in the cooking of a product that does not intervene in its structure, which is totally wrong, since it is a living product that evolves with temperature and mixes with the product it fries. The oil denatures as much as the rest of the food. In fact, in the hotel and catering industry it is not allowed to give frying oil more than one use, but the habit of reusing it still persists among many people.

The OCU assures that we can reuse the oil up to 25 times, but specifies some conditions that are not real for the majority of consumers: to have a fryer, to control the temperature below 180ºC and to fry in batches continuously, not allowing the oil to cool down. In other words, these conditions are more typical of a restaurant kitchen than of a normal home, where small quantities are fried and then the oil is stored in a glass or container.

Here are three reasons why it is better to use fresh oil every time you want to fry, because although you may see a saving in it, in reality this does not exist and you also endanger your health.

Why you should not reuse cooking oil

We should not do it because it is an unhealthy habit that can be harmful to our health. Reusing oil, trying to get the most out of the “liquid gold” and saving something in the shopping basket, does not really pay off.

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High cooking temperatures alter the good properties of any oil, whether olive, sunflower or other seeds. Although olive oil is the one that remains unalterable for the longest time, cooking with the same oil more than twice is not good.

The main reason for using new oil every time we cook is that the beneficial fatty acids it contains (unsaturated acids such as oleic and linoleic in olive oil) are modified by the action of heat. It is the heat, the high temperatures that the oil reaches in the fire, which causes its degradation and makes that, in the long run, the healthy fats change their chemical structure and become saturated or even trans fats, which we should avoid whenever possible.

How many times oil can be reused

One of the big doubts we have in the kitchen is whether we can reuse oil and how good or bad it can be for our health. Read on and find out what you can do if you want to save this ingredient in the kitchen.

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Sometimes, after frying something, the oil remains almost as it was at the beginning and we are left wondering if we should throw it away… The good news is that there is a way to not waste it and you can reuse it with other foods that you are going to fry.

Don’t waste it, because there is a way to ‘clean’ it: the first thing to do is to wait for it to cool completely; then, pour it into another container and reheat it with several slices of raw potato, over very low heat and for a few minutes. This will absorb the smells and flavors, and you will be able to take advantage of the oil.

Oil is a living product that degrades when it enters high temperatures, so that its fatty acids are converted into compounds that are very harmful to health. Among these are free radicals.

Another reason not to reuse oil is that it loses its moisturizing properties, which prevent the food from dehydrating while cooking, so the food will be of poorer quality and its texture and flavor will be noticeable.

What happens if I drink cooking oil

Have you ever wondered, can I reuse the oil? How many times can I use the used oil? Here are the answers. One of the most widespread habits in many homes and catering businesses is to use the same oil several times for frying food. The objective is to reduce the costs of a product that is already one of the most expensive in the shopping basket. This habit, which a priori is done to save money, can be expensive over time, since several studies point out that the substances that are released when we reuse the oil can be responsible for numerous disorders of our organism such as obesity,

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Undoubtedly, the most suitable oil for frying is olive oil. The main reason is that it is a much more stable product than those obtained from sunflower seeds or other vegetable seeds. Therefore, it degrades more slowly, which will allow us to reuse it with a greater safety margin, but not obviating the fact that it is preferable to reuse it very few times. It is considered that, if it is