Is Knorr Sustainable?

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Since it launched the Knorr Sustainable Agriculture Program in 2010, the Unilever-owned brand has been working with suppliers and farmers to implement sustainable agricultural practices.  Knorr’s goal for 2015 is for 80% of its ingredients to come from sustainable farming and to reach 100% by 2020.

The process starts with the selection of vegetables, taking into account the taste, color and problems inherent to the crop, and once selected, a series of rotations are generated in the plantations to ensure that the soil in which they grow is always pure, clean and prepared to provide the crop with everything it needs.

To save on water consumption, Knorr has also invested part of its million euro plan in sophisticated new farming technology with a sensor mechanism to ensure that the exact amount of water needed is used. This new mechanism not only ensures a large reduction in water consumption, but also helps to improve crop treatment by ensuring that the crop receives exactly what it needs.

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The water saving techniques respond to the initiative of the Knorr brand’s Sustainable Agriculture Program, which is based on a series of guidelines to improve the competitiveness of farmers and collaborators, to the benefit of the quality of the products offered on the consumers’ table.

Dr. Morillas explained how human nutrition, in addition to focusing on the most suitable nutrients for a healthy diet, increasingly encompasses knowledge of environmental factors.

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Knorr, a leading brand in the soups, creams and broths segment, works with its suppliers to ensure the best agricultural practices in the cultivation of the ingredients used in the preparation of its products.

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In order to inform consumers that the practices used by Unilever’s suppliers are sustainable, they are including a new “Sustainable Agriculture” seal on their products, which indicates that they have implemented processes that guarantee the sustainable origin of vegetables.

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02/11/2011 13:52:02 Knorr has always been known for using the highest quality ingredients in its products, which has resulted in the best taste in its soups and creams. Following this philosophy, and in the pursuit of constant improvement, Knorr has embarked on a process of improving recipes, ingredients and the way they are produced.

As a result, more than 200 chefs from the Knorr team have been working for more than 40,000 hours to create each of the recipes for which they have tested more than 4,000 ingredients and spoken to nearly 6,000 consumers. Knorr uses only sun-ripened vegetables and greens that are harvested in season, so they develop their full flavor and nutrients. In addition, the products have been reformulated to improve them nutritionally; now none of the soups, creams and liquid broths contain preservatives or artificial colorings and the use of salt and additives in the recipes has been reduced. Growing for the future” program