Is Unity good for animation?

Unity is a framework

Game creators need an accessible toolset. After all, no one likes to lose concentration every five minutes to search for the tools needed to bring a creative vision to life.

When you start creating your first 2D game, you will have many different tools at your disposal. Many of the most important functions for creating 2D games are ready to use, or can be easily installed from the Editor window.

After downloading the assets, you can customize them or reuse them in other projects. If you decide that your first 2D game is a masterpiece and you want to sell it, you can do so with the assets used, without restrictions.

Unity 2d jump

When animations are imported, the inverse kinematics (IK) nodes of the model are baked to forward kinematics (FK) and as a result, Unity does not need the IK nodes at all. However, if they are left in the model then they will have a CPU load so they do not affect the animation. You can delete redundant IK nodes in Unity or in the modeling tool, according to your preference. Ideally, you should keep the IK and FK hierarchies separate during modeling to make it easier to remove IK nodes when necessary.

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Unity code

If you are going to import movement by movement you can work with the sprite mode single, so that it is a single image but if you are going to work in a single png with a sequence of movements you must change from sprite mode single to Multiple and click on the Sprite Editor button.

In my case I have selected a motion sequence image from the internet and the image has several movements. When you click in Sprite Editor a new window will be enabled that will allow you to make the slice by slice of each one of the movements, and this way you avoid having to put movement by movement, and unity makes it completely fast for you.

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In this sale you have the option in Slice to perform manually drawing the box on each element, or use the automatic option of unity and click on slice and automatically unity selects the elements, it is always good to check that the cuts are correct. after having fixed the cuts if necessary proceed to click on “apply” and proceed to generate the sequence for each image in the project view.

Desventajas de Unity

En este curso hablaremos de los aspectos artísticos de la creación de videojuegos. Para ello, aportaremos conocimientos y pautas sobre cómo diseñar la parte artística de un videojuego. Esto incluye diferentes aspectos. Desde la creación de los entornos, hasta el diseño de los personajes, el movimiento e incluso la música. Todo este proceso buscará una cohesión que nos permita dar la experiencia deseada al jugador. Para definir y comprender adecuadamente los conceptos utilizaremos -como en el resto de cursos dentro del Programa de Especialización- ejemplos y referentes de videojuegos.