What are the 3 major sustainability issues?

Problems affecting the environment

The seas have become the planet’s great plastic dumping grounds. In addition, there are other serious environmental problems related to the oceans, such as the deterioration of ecosystems due to global warming, polluting discharges, sewage and fuel spills. The UN urges improving the management of protected areas, providing them with sufficient resources and reducing overfishing, pollution and ocean acidification caused by the increase in the earth’s temperature.

Intensive food production has harmful consequences for the environment by impoverishing soil and marine ecosystems. In addition, the overexploitation of natural resources has endangered food security and the supply of drinking water. The UN considers it essential to change the production model and our eating habits, opting for a more vegetarian diet and local foods to save energy and CO2 emissions.

What are the environmental issues

3 October 2019Sustainable Development GoalsThe Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean has identified eight brakes that impede social development in the region, ranging from entrenched poverty to chronic inequality, lack of investment in the social fabric and the impacts of climate change. To overcome them, it proposes the creation of policies focused on rights and equality, following the steps set by the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

Beyond the economic section, inequalities encompass inequality in the exercise of rights, capabilities and levels of autonomy. It also includes gender, ethnic and racial inequality, and territorial inequality, among others.

In Latin America, the income of those employed in low-productivity sectors is less than half that of those employed in medium- and high-productivity sectors. Moreover, the poverty rate among those employed in low-productivity jobs (30.4%) is three times that of those employed in high-productivity jobs.

What are the problems that impede sustainable development?

Today, roads, buildings, plastics, cell phones, automobiles and other objects created by humans exceed the total weight of living things on the planet, such as animals and plants.

The imbalance that exists in the world is clear: while built objects represent about 1.1 billion tons, animals and plants barely reach one billion tons and, if we do not change our way of producing and consuming, these figures are expected to double by 2040.

Therefore, on World Earth Day, The Climate Reality Project seeks to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the planet, conserving biodiversity, natural resources and thus reduce the impact we generate on the environment.

The Climate Reality Project Latin America shares some solutions that you can put into practice to face the environmental problems caused by human activities and the mismanagement of natural resources:

Human activities, mainly the burning of fossil fuels, logging, water pollution contribute to environmental degradation and the extinction of more than 1 million animals.

Main environmental problems

For some time now, the term sustainability has been on everyone’s lips. Sustainable food products, sustainable vehicles, sustainable economy… Moreover, any self-respecting corporation has included sustainability strategies in its planning, but do we really know what sustainability is? The truth is that sustainable development aims to preserve the planet and satisfy human needs, since the exploitation of resources in a sustainable way makes them last over time and be maintained for future generations.

A sustainable world is only possible if everyone gets involved with the cause, carrying out activities that empathize with the pillars we have just seen. Some of the actions that you can take on your own and that help the sustainability of the planet are: