What can I put in recycle bin?

How to empty the recycle garbage can

One of the ways we have to delete files on our PC is with the recycle garbage can in Windows 10. We will see all aspects and the different options available to the recycle garbage can. Surely you will get a surprise or two that you did not know about it.

This directory allows us to store files that we want to delete from our system and if they are in this place, we will also have the possibility to restore them to where they were before. Let’s see next what we can do with this Windows junk file storage.

The recycle garbage can is a storage for the deleted files in any of the partitions or hard disks of our system. This does not imply that all the files are located in a single directory, each hard disk will have a storage for these files.

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Where to find the recycle garbage can in windows 7

How exactly does the recycle garbage can work and how should we use it? As most people already know, the recycle garbage can is where all the files and archives that we delete end up in order to make more space on the hard drive for other files. When you delete data on your computer, be it text documents, photos, programs, they are moved from their original place to this space that has an icon in the shape of a recycle garbage can.

The MacOS operating system has had a built-in recycle garbage can from the very first moment it was released, and Microsoft’s OS was introduced in Windows 95.

From time to time it is advisable to clean the recycle garbage can and delete everything it contains. There are several ways to delete files from your computer. The most typical is to select the file we want to delete and press the “Delete” key. This will make the file go directly to the recycle garbage can. We can also do without using this key and simply use the right mouse button and choose the “Delete” option.

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Where is the recycle garbage can on the computer?

On a PC it is normal that when you delete a file it is not really deleted, but goes to the recycle garbage can. There it will remain for a while in case you change your mind and want to recover the file. On Android phones the trash can works a little differently or, at least for the moment, in a less unified way.

If you’re looking for the equivalent of the Windows recycle garbage can on Android, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that there is no centralized, universal recycle garbage can. The good news is that many apps have a recycle garbage can feature, with which you can retrieve deleted items over a period of time.

Until that universal trash can arrives, what we do have are trash can functions in many applications. The concept is always the same, whether it’s photos, emails or files: when you delete something, it’s not really deleted, but goes to a kind of purgatory where it will stay for a while. If you don’t recover it in that period of time, it will be deleted for real.

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Open recycle garbage can windows 10 cmd

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