What do you do with old windows?

Recycling old wooden windows

Windows are the main point of energy loss in homes, especially if they are old wooden or aluminum windows. Sliding windows insulate less than casement windows and the fact that they have double glazing, if there is no air chamber in between, does not mean that they insulate more than a single window.

Doors are another black spot for air leaks. For starters, check the frames for gaps, just as with windows. And if there are, seal them with silicone. Weatherstripping is also useful for the interior door frame, it will make it fit with more pressure, preventing leaks.

Underneath the doors there are some treacherous millimeters in which if you put your hand, you will see how you notice the cold air entering through there. To avoid this, buy an ‘under door’ that you can find in any hardware store. They prevent air from passing through and do not bother when opening or closing the door. They are made of hair, foam, rubber or reinforced rubber, the most insulating.

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Nowadays it is not very common to have a chimney at home but if you have one, you should know that it is a very important source of heat loss. To avoid it, put a balloon or an inflated bag in the smoke exhaust hole to plug it.

Recycle aluminum windows

I.D.E.A: Recycle an old door or window. With it, you can make a coat rack and / or a large decorative frame for photos (if it is glazed). Other windows that look beautiful in the decoration are the Majorcan windows, ideal for holding notes and photos. To do this project you will need to treat and paint the door or window in a color that matches your home’s foyer. You can attach …

Beautiful uses for recycling old doors. I’ve talked about recycling doors in other networks, but I think the topic deserves a post. There are lots of ideas and possible uses to give a second life to those precious old doors, so if you have any and do not know what to do with it, here are a few suggestions. CABECEROS Well, with a pair of doors in verti …

I like any old or antique object, but in particular the doors I love and can have a lot of functions in Decoration.I leave a few samples.Here are two doors converted into an original corner cabinet. In the following, converted into another ornament, among other simple objects that give harmony to a rustic atmosphere. A wide door, it serves as a mural as well as a …

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Vintage recycled windows

Another quite relevant data comes from the Vinylplus project, a voluntary initiative at European level to make the PVC industry in the old continent much more sustainable. In the absence of making the balance of 2020, in 2019 they certified a total of 771,313 tons of this recycled material.

Conclusion? The popularity of PVC windows does not come out of nowhere. In addition to its excellent properties in the field of domestic efficiency, there is the power of being a 100% recyclable material, an aspect that in the 21st century can no longer be overlooked when making consumption decisions.

What can be done with an old door

Windows can serve both decorative and practical functions. Such as a faux window in the wall with a beautiful planter full of flowers or a visual divider that stops the vegetable garden.  You can do this by placing windows (of equal heights) and joining them with a 2″ x 4″ slat at the top and bottom.  Hang ornamental glass and beads in the openings.

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Like greenhouses, these gazebos are a great escape from the indoors and there’s why to go beyond your own backyard. This is an outdoor escape from old windows.

Well these were some ideas, surely some of you can take advantage of them and others will develop new ones. I invite you to share them with us and I hope you like this compilation and that it serves as a source of inspiration to reuse an old window with some of these fantastic ideas.