What is plastic surgery used for today?

Why do people have plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is nowadays one of the most requested specialties by both men and women, breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty are the most requested procedures, however, there are many aesthetic and reconstructive procedures associated with this beautiful specialty.

Aesthetic plastic surgery goes beyond the reasons of beauty, because although this is its main purpose, there are many more things behind the work that plastic surgeons perform every day. Below we will list some of the most important benefits of these procedures:

Types of cosmetic surgeries on the face

In my opinion, the most important thing is that you choose a surgeon with the official title of the specialty and with great experience. I would tell you to be very well informed, to go to the consultation to talk to the surgeon and that of course the intervention is carried out in a hospital.

The decision to carry out breast reconstruction after a mastectomy should be a personal one and should be made after good information. The interventions are performed jointly by a general surgeon and a plastic surgeon, which always ensures a good removal of the tumor and the most aesthetic result. In that sense, I am very proud to have worked with Dr. Francisco Ripoll, who is an eminence in breast pathology.

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The percentage of men who undergo cosmetic surgery is increasing, reaching almost 20%, compared to 80% of women. What we perform most often on men is high-definition liposuction, which we perform with Acualipo HD, and which consists of removing fat from those areas where there is excess and defining the muscles to achieve a fitness appearance.

Arguments against cosmetic surgery

When we talk about Plastic, Aesthetic or Reconstructive Surgery, we refer to the specialty of surgery whose objective is to restore anatomical integrity to the body, or to correct some physical alteration or defect.

This intervention, apparently very rudimentary, is nevertheless one of the bases of current plastic surgery. In fact, the sutures described by Susruta are similar to those used today.

In Roman civilization, the work of the surgeon who was able to disguise the “F and “K” scars was highly valued. These marks were engraved with a hot iron on slaves, fugitives or slanderers. Martial, a chronicler of the time, mentions in his writings Eros, a surgeon famous for removing such scars. In fact, during the Roman Empire, cosmetic surgery was so important that even Emperor Justinian II underwent rhinoplasty after losing his nose in battle.

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Despite these notable exceptions, cosmetic surgery suffered a major setback during the Middle Ages. The fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity are some of the reasons for this stagnation. In fact, aesthetic interventions were forbidden in the 13th century by Pope Innocent III for being considered a blasphemous practice against the divine work.

Most common cosmetic surgeries

9maymaymay2019The four most popular plastic surgery interventionsSurgeries in demandPlastic surgery has become commonplace in our society. More and more people are getting fed up with complexes and decide to undergo plastic surgery to improve their quality of life, their appearance, and to feel better about themselves. Nowadays, there are not as many prejudices as before, and people are aware that in order to feel comfortable with themselves, it is necessary to look good on the outside as a fundamental part of the whole process.

Liposuction is still the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure today. We have to keep in mind that it is an intervention closely linked to our health. While it is true that people who may not need it for health reasons can also go to it, it is a fantastic way to remove that extra fat and gain health in a practically quick and easy way.

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The breast is a frequent concern for women. Both for excess breast and lack of breast. The most common cosmetic surgery operation is breast augmentation. It consists of introducing a prosthesis in the breast area to enhance the shape and have more volume. But it is also quite common the operation in reverse, ie, breast reduction. Women who have a lot of volume often find it uncomfortable so much chest and therefore resort to cosmetic surgery to solve this incidence.