What is sniffing deodorant called?

Dermatological deodorant for bad odor

Sweat can be a daily problem for many people. On the one hand, excessive sweating can stain clothes, but also the bacteria that live on our skin decompose the sweat, sometimes causing bad odor.

It is common that after a short time of using deodorants with this formulation, the smell is terrible as soon as the deodorant “leaves us”, a smell that is even worse than before. What is happening?

But there is another type of glands called apocrine glands that are larger and are mainly found in the armpits. They start producing sweat when we reach puberty and secrete a thicker sweat, with dissolved proteins and fatty acids. This sweat is not so much secreted to cool us, but is produced in stressful situations.

This seems to make evolutionary sense. The composition of armpit sweat varies from person to person depending on genes, determines which bacteria break it down, and ultimately the smell of each of us. This could have served in the past to recognize each other or even to identify emotions such as fear or, in the case of women, whether they are in fertile days or not, all through smell.

Strong odor deodorant for women

Most esters, aldehydes and ketones of more than 4 carbon atoms have fruity aromas. These compounds are part of essential oils (there are more than 3000) which generally contain several hundred compounds that give them their characteristic aroma.

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Among the aldehydes, the following stand out: benzaldehyde which gives the characteristic smell of almonds, cinnamaldehyde which is responsible for the smell of cinnamon, decanal which is an important component of citrus fruits together with octanal, citral and sinensal, 2-methylundecanal which is an important fragrance in detergents and soaps, this was one of the first synthetic aldehydes used in the prestigious perfume Chanel No. 5 and 4-hydroxy aldehyde which is an important component of essential oils, and 4-hydroxy aldehyde which is an important component of essential oils. 5 and 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde also known as vanillin which is the primary component of vanilla extract.

Among the ketones, 2-heptanone is a food additive authorized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for direct addition to food for human consumption and also occurs naturally in some foods, such as beer, white bread, butter, cheese, etc. Methyl-2-pyridylketone which is responsible for the persuasive smell of popcorn.

What is the best deodorant for women

A pleasant smell is essential to make a good impression and to feel comfortable all day long. However, those who have long working days know that this is not always an easy task. Personal hygiene is, of course, one of the main keys to smell good, but did you know that there are very effective and simple tricks that can help you to give off a pleasant fragrance at all times? From unCOMO we want to share all these tricks and secrets with you, so if you wonder how to smell good all day, do not miss any of our tips. Here we go!

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It may seem obvious, but there are many people who do not know how to have a good personal hygiene. As you’ll see below, being clean doesn’t just mean showering every day and brushing your teeth, so keep these tips in mind:

If you’re wondering how to smell good all day long you should know that hydration can work miracles, since the simple fact of keeping your skin moisturized will make the good aromas stay on your body for longer. On the contrary, a dry skin with lack of hydration will not manage to retain odors, so your perfumes will fade easily.On the other hand, dehydration can make your mouth dry and cause the annoying bad breath, so in addition to brushing your teeth and gargling with a mouthwash, drinking large amounts of water will help you eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath in your mouth.

What is the best deodorant for bad odor in men?

Hyperhidrosis is the excessive secretion of sweat by the eccrine glands that can be worsened by physical exercise or thermal stimuli. It can be localized, i.e. limited to one part of the body such as the hands, armpits or soles, or it can be generalized.

The odor is due to the action of bacteria on the secretion of the sweat-producing apocrine glands and also to the action of different hormones. It is aggravated by hot climates and lack of hygiene.

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Bromhidrosis is the bad body odor identified by the person suffering from the disease and by those around him/her. As mentioned above, it affects more the armpits, but can also affect the genitals and soles. The intensity of the odor depends on the individual’s perception. Generally, no skin abnormalities are observed.

Among the possible measures that can be taken by the affected person to improve the disease are: frequent washing of the armpits, use of deodorant, antiperspirant, change of dirty clothes, hair removal and use of antibiotics applied to the affected area. In addition, the treating physician has other possibilities such as botulinum toxin injection, laser, or surgery, a decision that for each particular case will be made by the treating dermatologist who is the best person to make this choice.