What is the most expensive renewable energy source?

What is the cleanest energy source

Today’s minimum is set at 100.83 euros per megawatt-hour, while the maximum will reach 110.64 euros/MWh. These high levels will have an impact on the bill of people with the regulated tariff (PVPC), although not directly. We must remember that the price of electricity accounts for 24% of the final electricity tariff that domestic consumers end up paying.

In demand peaks such as heat waves, renewable and nuclear energies are not enough to supply the entire population and gas is used, at historic prices. By emitting CO2, an associated tax must also be paid. Using a lot of energy is doubly expensive.

The solution is not simple. Ramón Roca, director of El Periódico de la Energía, points out that “the government does not have much leeway unless it touches what has nothing to do with the price of electricity in our electricity bills. That is why it can only reduce taxes, remove the premiums for renewables (creation of the FNSSE) or take the debt of the electricity system to the PGE”.

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Which energy is cheaper to produce electricity

Wind and solar have become the cheapest sources of electricity virtually anywhere in the world. This is the main conclusion that was unveiled at a conference organized by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) in London on Monday.

However, one of the most striking things that BNEF presented at the conference was its prediction about the integration of renewables into the different electricity mixes. He predicted that there will not be a 100% renewable mix.

There is an economic limit to the spread of these clean energy sources, BNEF chief economist Seb Henbest told the research group’s annual conference in London. There will come a point in every country where the saturation point will be reached because the technology no longer reduces generation costs compared to running the existing thermal generation fleet.

Even in Europe, which has some of the strictest policies encouraging renewables and discouraging fossil fuels, wind and solar are unlikely to exceed 80% of supply.

Wind energy is expensive or cheap

Green energy or renewable energy is characterized by being clean, inexhaustible and inexpensive. The main objective is to protect the planet by achieving the minimum impact generated in the subtraction of energy.

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Previously renewable energy sources were considered as just another competitive option, but now 1 kWh of electricity is close to 0.003 dollars, surpassing so far the cheapest price of light achieved. It is therefore the cheapest energy available on the market.

There are many advantages of renewable energy, but as you can see the economic and environmental factors are the most striking. If you want to know more about this energy, make the necessary consultations with one of our energy advisors who will explain everything in detail. Its main advantages are:

Cost comparison of different non-conventional renewable energies

By 2050, the Paris Climate Agreement requires pollutant emissions to be reduced by 80% to 95% compared to 1990 levels. Almost the entire planet, 161 countries comprising 98% of the world’s population, signed the agreement that presents the urgent need to “decarbonize” the world’s economies.  Currently, one-fifth of these countries use nuclear power, and energy dependence on nuclear generation in advanced countries is high, especially in a scenario where fossil fuel sources are being phased out. In the United States, nuclear energy has a 20% share and in the United Kingdom it represents 20.9%.

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To summarize.  Responsible and efficient energy generation (and consumption) based mostly on renewable energies is the way to go in the future, and not only because of its “green” aspects. A Morgan Stanley research report asserts that renewable energies such as solar and wind are going to prevail and neither politics nor multi-billion dollar interests will be able to stand in their way: