What is the most promising renewable energy source?

What are the best sources of energy and why?

As we all know, renewable energies are those sources of natural resources that exist on Earth, which allow us to transform them into energy to be used to generate electricity, hot water, etc. The main difference between renewable energy sources and fossil fuels is, as their name indicates, that they are “renewable” and, therefore, capable of regenerating themselves thanks to their natural cycle.

Social awareness, monopolies that make the price of the different energies necessary more expensive, etc., have promoted the increased use of these energies by the inhabitants of our country. But, which are the renewable energy sources that we use the most in our homes as opposed to the alternative of the traditional sources?

In today’s article we want to make known what type of renewable energies are the most consumable at present in our country and explain some of the characteristics that make them optimal for consumption and for the pocket.

They are the best source of energy for growth

At the moment, wind and solar photovoltaic are the clean energies on which investors are betting. The unstoppable trend towards the use of clean energies on the planet is reflected in the exponential increase and rising profitability of investment in renewable energies.

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Only water vapor comes out of its exhaust pipe. Hydrogen vehicles generate no emissions and can be an alternative for more sustainable mobility and decarbonized transport. Their future is still full of challenges. The main one is to produce hydrogen with renewable energies.

Although few people are concerned about energy sources that are, in principle, inexhaustible, such as the sun or the wind, the effect of the human hand on the planet can also affect them in the long term. For this reason, more and more resources are being allocated to their study and conservation, as they are an important part of sustainability.

Oil and coal will give way to biofuels, a sustainable option especially in sectors that are difficult to electrify, such as transportation. They promote the circular economy and science manages to obtain them from increasingly diverse waste, from microalgae and expired food to slurry, sludge and frying oil. Bioethanol, biodiesel and biogas are some of the most popular.

What is the main purpose of power generation sources?

But, the energy produced by the wind also has many palpable advantages due to the great amount of wind resources that we can take advantage of, both on land and at sea and, of course, free of charge. A clean and inexhaustible source of energy, which reduces the famous greenhouse gas emissions and preserves the environment.

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The operation of wind energy consists of harnessing the power of the wind that will move blades, which in turn, will transfer the movement to a rotor that will produce electricity. The blades transform the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy (electricity).

Europe installed 15.4 GW of new wind power capacity in 2019. This is 27% higher than in 2018 but 10% lower than the 2017 record. Europe now has 205 GW of wind power capacity. And wind power accounted for 15% of the electricity the EU-28 consumed in 2019.

It is clear from the following graph that Northern Europe is betting more on large-scale wind power. The following graph shows the statistics evolution wind power in Europe:

What is the best source of energy

Wind energy is the energy obtained from the wind. It is one of the oldest energy resources exploited by mankind and is today the most mature and efficient of all renewable energies. The term “wind” comes from the Latin “aeolicus”, belonging to or relating to Aeolus, God of the winds in Greek mythology.

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Wind energy consists of converting the energy produced by the movement of the blades of a wind turbine driven by the wind into electrical energy.WIND ENERGY EXPLAINED IN 2 MINUTESThis educational video explains what wind energy is and how it works, which comes from one of the most widespread sources of energy on our planet: the wind.

BENEFITS OF WIND ENERGYWind energy is a renewable energy source, does not pollute, is inexhaustible and reduces the use of fossil fuels, the source of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.wind energy is also an indigenous energy, available in almost all the planet, which helps to reduce energy imports and create wealth and employment locally.