What type of plastic is shrink plastic?

Shrink plastic for cables

We have shrinkable plastics of different characteristics, different qualities, thicknesses, etc… These can be presented in sheet, semi-tube or tube. Depending on the need of the product to be shrink-wrapped, it is very important to know how to determine the appropriate shrink plastic for each product in order to make the cost of the packaging profitable. This is achieved by applying the most suitable quality and microns in each packaging process.

It is a 100% recyclable material, suitable for contact with food and with high longitudinal and transversal shrinkage. It can be used in any type of machine. It is available in different thicknesses (12,15,19 and 25 my) and widths as well as in sheet or semi-tube.

Today there are still many articles that depend on this type of material, but in several applications, it is being replaced by polyolefins. It is available in sheet or semi-tube in various widths and thicknesses.

Heat shrinkable plastic

Shrink plastic and VCI are materials used to protect goods from external factors such as dust, rain or to hide and avoid direct contact with our merchandise, but their greatest value is to protect our shipments from UV rays, thus avoiding corrosion. The most commonly used is the shrink, which we detail below:

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It is a fireproof material, mainly made of polyethylene, and may also contain PET plastic and thermal adhesive rubber, which gives it its shrink quality as it is sealed by heat using shrink guns.

In addition to protecting against UV rays and acting as a flame retardant, it is a very resistant material, thus avoiding tears and perforations, especially when dealing with irregular loads with protruding parts and peaks.

It is also permeable and allows instantaneous use of the protected product after removal of the plastic, as it preserves it in perfect condition. Metals protected by this film are steel, copper, aluminum, brass, nickel and silver. For other ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as iron, materials such as heat-weldable aluminum or VCI can be used.

Shrink film for handicrafts

Discover our complete professional range of shrink film for shrink machines, perfect for wrapping, packaging and protecting your irregularly shaped products. Our film selection includes a wide choice of LDPE shrink film and micro-perforated shrink film.

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Especially used for mass distribution, shrink films highlight your products and protect them from theft. Shrink film is suitable for packaging all types of items, including heavy products, stationery, household products or textiles.

Each of our shrink film references is available in various formats to meet any type of packaging need. LDPE shrink film provides excellent mechanical strength thanks to its thickness and the micro-perforated version also guarantees good shrink quality.

Shrink packaging is an affordable and cost-effective option: finding effective packaging solutions can be a costly process, especially for complex-shaped packages. In addition, its roll presentation helps to save space, which means that more products can be transported at once. Shrink wrap film is the wrapping solution for all industries.

Shrink plastic

Shrink film, a custom consumable which is also known as Stretch Film, Stretch Film or Stretch Film, is a plastic film that is used to stretch wrap the goods on the pallet and secure them together using pallet wrapping machines, which will allow you to save time and perfection in securing the goods.

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When it comes to securing the goods, research in the packaging sector translates into improvements in consumables that cover areas of need in packaging.  In this sense, plastic film offers interesting variants such as shrink film that can be applied with a manual, semi or automatic shrink machine.  With characteristics that offer more resistance and the need to apply less heat, this consumable is undoubtedly a purchase to consider.

Normally, shrink film is considered a material that is used mainly in sectors where it is necessary to work with marketable products and, in short, where products must be packaged to protect them from external agents.