Who recycles the most plastic?

Plastic recycling project

However, a third of the population still does not know exactly where each type of waste goes. And the yellow garbage can is one of the ones that generates more doubts. Here we detail what you can throw in this container to clear yours.

Separating waste correctly in the right container is so important that we want to make sure that no one is left with doubts. It’s everyone’s effort at stake! That’s why here you have different didactic materials that you can download and use with facts and information to recycle more and better.

Plastic recycling in Mexico

Have you ever thought about what happens to the waste you throw on the street? Do you think that a bag, bottle, straw, plastic plate, wrapper or cardboard doesn’t make a difference? Or that the cleaning service will take care of it? We rarely stop to think about the consequences of not recycling.

Plastic bags, bottles, wrappers and other garbage waste end up in the oceans, which are the lungs of our planet. Every year they receive between 8 and 12 million tons of plastic, directly affecting marine species such as dolphins, whales, turtles and even birds. It is possible that the fish that reach your table contain microplastics.

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Around the world, more than 228 thousand tons of garbage are generated every hour and 30% is neither collected nor recycled. Garbage contaminates the few sources of fresh water that we use for drinking, household chores and personal hygiene.

Even taking a walk in the woods or on the streets will soon become an odyssey, as garbage affects the landscape. Generally, some cities need a lot of space to deposit the waste of the population. Have you seen how the beaches, lagoons and rivers are left after Easter or vacation season?

What recycled plastic is used for

Not all plastics are the same, and just as their uses are different, so are their recycling possibilities. To help you distinguish between them and know how each one should be treated, we explain what the different types of plastics are and how the plastic recycling process is carried out.

Plastic is a synthetic material that is usually made from polymers that are mixed with petroleum derivatives. Pressure and heat are used to mold them and, depending on this, different types of plastics with specific properties are obtained.

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You only have to go to the supermarket to see how many plastics we use every day. How many plastic wrappers and containers have you thrown away as soon as you get home? This gives you an idea of how important it is to know how plastic is recycled to prevent all that waste from ending up polluting the environment.

The plastic recycling process starts at home, when we separate the different types of waste and put the plastic in the yellow garbage can. This is a very simple gesture that, nevertheless, is vital since this material cannot be recycled without separating the different types of plastics beforehand.

Recycling plastic bottles

This material poses a threat to ecosystems, especially marine life.    It is in the seas and oceans where the bulk of this type of waste is deposited, and which sometimes remains on the seabed in the form of microplastics. Reducing packaging consumption, using recyclable bags and recycling plastic is key to helping the planet.

Since 1950, more than 8 billion tons of plastic of all kinds have been produced worldwide. How can these figures be stopped? Plastic recycling is essential, as is awareness-raising by institutions, companies and society in general.

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Plastic, present in many products, is composed of resin polymers and petroleum-based substances that are molded by pressure and heat. Although they can be natural if they come from vegetable raw materials, synthetics are the most widespread. Made from compounds derived from petroleum, natural gas or coal, there are many types of these plastics, but there are four that could be called the main ones: