Why are 77 diamonds so cheap?

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The hardness of diamonds contributes to their suitability as a gemstone. Because they can only be scratched by other diamonds, they hold their polish extremely well. Unlike other gemstones, they are well suited to everyday wear because of their resistance to scratching-perhaps this contributes to their popularity as the gemstone of choice in engagement rings and wedding bands, which are often worn every day for decades.

The industrial use of diamonds has historically been associated with their hardness; this property makes diamond the ideal material for cutting and polishing tools. As the hardest known natural material, diamond can be used to polish, cut, or erode any material, including other diamonds. Common industrial adaptations of this ability include drills and saws, and the use of diamond powder as an abrasive. Less expensive industrial-grade diamonds, known as bort, with many flaws and poorer color than gemstones, are used for such purposes.[18] The use of diamond dust as an abrasive is also common.

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This London-trained gemologist gives us two basic pieces of advice when you have (or aspire to have) a diamond in your hands. The first one is that both to buy and to sell, it is necessary to choose very well the place to deal with reliable professionals. And, on an economic level, remember that, unlike gold, the purchase of diamonds is taxed with VAT, so from the outset “buying them as an investment asset is difficult, unless the objective is to invest in the long term”.

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When to buy and when to sell: the price of the dollar is what marks the ups and downs of the price of diamonds, which generally do not lose value. But we must remember that the sector has also had its crises, such as the one it experienced in 1970, when its price fell by up to 50% due to overproduction. That is why it is important to get the right moment for both buying and selling.

The secret of the five C’s: color, clarity, purity, cut… and confidenceIn this neighborhood of barely one square kilometer, deals are closed between investors around this stone, which can be kept as an investment in a safe, or can star in all the brightness of a luminous jewel. Or, and this also happens, it can end up in the gears of a dentist’s lathe.

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Those responsible for Diamond Land, which brings together a group of traders and even offers tours to learn about the trade, explain that the first documents record the sale of diamonds in Antwerp in 1447, with routes to Persia and India. Cutters were especially famed then, but the incorporation of technology has meant that only the finest and most exclusive work is still done by hand in the city. “Many diamonds are bought here but they are already polished in Asia (China, mostly) and come back to be sold as gems,” they point out.(You can continue reading after the photo…).

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