Why is it important to help protect the environment?

Reasons why we should take care of the environment for children

Saving the planet is everyone’s job. No grand gestures are necessary to contribute to preserve and protect our nature. We must be aware of the climatic emergency situation we are going through, which threatens the subsistence of natural resources and biodiversity. But we must also take action.

We are not talking about big actions or decisions more typical of countries, we are talking about daily actions, of our day to day life, that added individually and collectively can help to build a more sustainable planet. Because the health of the planet is within everyone’s reach.

For this reason, from the Aquae Foundation, and in our commitment to contribute to the sustainability of the planet to reduce the effects of climate change, we have collected some of the actions recommended by the United Nations Environment Program. Putting all of them into practice will allow us to build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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Benefits of caring for the environment

He cited Ecuador, “which has included it in its Constitution,” Bolivia, whose legislation includes the “principle of integral development in harmony and balance with Mother Earth,” and Colombia, whose Supreme Court of Justice has placed the rights of the Amazon on an equal footing with those of the people.

For her part, the Vice Minister of the Environment of Bolivia, Cynthia Silva Maturana, recalled how proud her country was to be present at the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the declaration of International Mother Earth Day.

Why the environment is important

The environment is very important, because from it we obtain water, food, fuels and raw materials that are used to manufacture the things we use every day. It is our home, our human existence depends on it. By abusing or misusing the natural resources obtained from the environment, we endanger and deplete it. The air and water are becoming polluted, forests are disappearing due to fires and overexploitation, and animals are becoming extinct due to overhunting and overfishing.

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Therefore, if the environment is our home, why are we destroying it? It provides us with all the indispensable resources for the continuity of life on the planet. It is our home, let us take care and conserve it not only for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren who deserve to live in a better world. Let us show it the importance it deserves for us humans.

Why should we take care of the environment? – brainly

The importance of preserving the environment lies in the importance of the environment itself, since we all live in it. Therefore, if we want to ensure our own survival and well-being, and that of other living beings, we must be concerned about its care and protection.

Now that we know why it is important to take care of the environment and how important it is for us and other living beings, we will talk about how to protect the environment and conserve it. Take note of the best ways to collaborate in the care of the environment:

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– Energy saving: maintaining a responsible attitude when using appliances and household appliances, turning off those that are in disuse, as well as automatic pilots, unplugging any appliance connected to the mains that we are not using, replacing conventional light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs and using natural resources such as the sun’s energy, to take advantage of both its light and the heat it projects.