Why is wind energy bad?

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The discourse of many multinationals today is that wind energy is one of the cleanest in the world. However, they do not talk about the context in which the plants are created to collect this energy nor the impact or the abuses that the multinationals make in the communities where these parks are installed, such as the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Rosa Marina Cruz tells us about the dark side of wind energy.

Wind energy is generated by the wind and different peoples of the world have been using it for centuries to draw water from wells and to grind grains such as corn, wheat or oats for example. In the last few decades it has been discovered how to accumulate the energy generated with the wind in batteries or charging centers as Don Segundo explained to the stunned Bodoque.

But just because there are “clean” uses of wind energy does not mean that all its uses are good for the environment. In Mexico we have thousands of these wind turbines already producing energy throughout the country, the problem is that this energy is mostly bought and sold by private transnational companies and stored in power substations of the Federal Electricity Commission. For its transportation and distribution, rural areas of the country are being crossed with high voltage transmission lines that carry the energy to stores like Walt-Mart, Suburbia, Vips, Cinemex or companies like Femsa (Coca Cola bottler and distributor), Grupo Mexico (yes, the mining company), Nissan, Apasco and Cemex, among many others, so they can justify their environmental commitment. Unlike Amapola’s students, who managed to reduce their carbon emissions, we average Mexicans continue to generate the same amount of CO2 when we turn on our computers.

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Social benefits of wind energy

There are many advantages of wind energy, however, have you thought about the negative aspects of this type of energy? In this article you will learn about the disadvantages of wind energy, focusing mainly on technical and environmental factors.

Before talking about the disadvantages of wind energy, it is useful to remember what wind energy is and how it works. Wind energy uses the wind to produce electricity through wind turbines, also known as “windmills”.

To avoid some of the environmental factors we mentioned, it is necessary to take into account how to choose the best area to install windmills, all in order to avoid negative consequences that affect the vegetation of the areas.

Definitely, the points mentioned above allow us to assure that, although wind energy has innumerable advantages, it also has negative aspects that cause serious consequences on the environment and, of course, should be controlled.

Disadvantages of geothermal energy

If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy you are in the right post. Reading this article you will discover, in addition, many other curious facts about this type of green energy.

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Are you ready to become an expert on the pros and cons of wind energy? We know you are! Read on and discover all the keys to this alternative energy that is increasingly used in our country. In 2021 it already represents about 21.9% of electricity production.

These large towers are fully computerized and their movement converts the energy of movement (kinetic) into electrical energy. They are set up in places where a lot of wind is generated and are usually grouped together in what are known as wind farms. At present, an autogenerator is usually 50 meters high and the intention is that they will become taller and yet weigh less.

You will be pleased to know that, although it may seem hard to believe, these can also be located in the sea to take advantage of the wind power produced in the water. Offshore wind power has, among other advantages, the fact that wind turbines can already today be installed that are larger and more powerful than those on land. These guarantee an excellent wind power output.

Advantages and disadvantages of wind energy

What happens when a sector with advanced technologies is viewed from an environmentalist point of view? This seemingly insurmountable obstacle is the challenge facing all those who are committed to green energy.

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Do you have interesting aspects in mind for our magazine on renewable energies? Would you like more information on the pros and cons of wind energy with respect to the environment? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

As an abundant and inexhaustible natural resource, wind energy is considered by some to be one of the most sustainable ways to generate electricity. However, the environmental impact associated with this sector is still a matter of debate, in particular the CO2 emissions released during the extraction of raw materials and the disposal of turbines. Siemens Gamesa analyzes all the pros and cons of wind energy, and strives to overcome the disadvantages. Improving the environmental performance of products and their impact throughout their entire life cycle is therefore one of Siemens Gamesa’s core tasks.