Are fiberglass chopsticks safe?

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In the following list, you will find several variations of Chopsticks and comments left by people who bought them. The variations are sorted by popularity, from the most popular to the least popular.

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For those who don’t know what they are, chopsticks are a pair of “sticks”, usually made of wood, used to eat food from the Asian continent. Originating in China, but as Chinese culture spread, chopsticks were introduced to other countries and quickly became common throughout Asia.

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Some of us probably took the sushi chopsticks anyway in our bag, when one of the sticks got too far into the bag and it was too much trouble to pull it out when the food was served and we ate without the chopsticks.

Or we discovered that the chopsticks broke into pieces while in our bags.  All of these disastrous situations could have been avoided only if our chopsticks came with a designated case that would not only protect them from getting broken or lost, but also prevent them from getting contaminated with microbes, after all, it is something we would use. bring food to our mouths and therefore it is best to keep them as clean as possible.