Tire recycling center near me

When talking about recycling, such objects are very useful, there are several items that can bring much profit to your life and the planet as well, this is the case of tire recycling.

As tires are objects that can harm our environment and take a lot of space in landfills, the best alternative to deal with them is through recycling.

That’s why, in order to allow our readers the possibility to become more eco-friendly, we have gathered some information to easily proceed with this practice, close to their location.

Uses for old tires

As we have previously mentioned, we can take advantage of left tires as they can be assigned for various purposes.

Using them as a whole piece

Worldwide some agencies and governments have obtained benefits by using them for different destinations, such as:

  • Artificial Reefs.
  • Recreation Grounds.
  • Road boundaries.
  • Containers in community gardens.
  • Sea walls.

For domestic purposes

Even though we know, tire recycling in houses won’t be enough to cover the waste of this pieces, we highly encourage to go on and employ them in yours. As these items can be used for:

  • Making swings for the kids.
  • Customized chairs. (by stacking them)
  • Doggy beds.
  • Center garden tables.

After processing them

For those tires that you cannot used in you house, they can be taken to recycling centers and consequently be used into something very helpful just as:

  • Portland cement.
  • In construction.
  • Rubber footwears.
  • Rubber balls.
  • Tire derived fuels.

Why to recycle tire

tire recycling


In fact, tires are not biodegradable; this actually means that they take lots of years to finally decompose, this brings a lot of trouble to our environments when they are not discarded properly.

After they are thrown away to lakes and landfills, they get heated by the sun; afterward they release toxins and chemicals that can harmful for our health and their surroundings. That’s why you must consider tire recycling, mother nature will thank you a lot.


Regarding this matter, there’s not enough room for the volume of tires waste, just last year there were more than 300.000.000 tires dumped into landfills. This leads not just to a problem regarding storage, but also as temperature rises in these yards they might start getting burned, producing noxious gases that not only pollute the air, but the ground as well.

In addition, as these grounds are outdoor spots, form the perfect scene for breeding and growing of mosquitoes that might carry and transmit dangerous diseases.

Finding a place for tire recycling

If you have reached this point, it is because you are deeply interested in getting rid of those old tires; for that reason, we bring the following options so that you can finally escape from those rubber pieces taking storage at your home; you can read tire recycling alternatives down below.

Tire Recycling Plants

This is a good option for those who want to see their bounding headaches turned into something really useful regarding civil engineering or routes.

These plants are equipped with all needed to turn this huge matter into something really profitable. As is the case of Liberty Tire Recycling they have offices throughout the country and make this task much easier for you, just enter their website and enter your zip code to find out their tire recycling facilities near you.

Second Hand Tire Buyers

If you have used tires in good conditions but you just have purchased new ones, this option is for you.

This alternative is really cost-effective, conscious and features a win-win deal; as induvial get money for their used tires and some others get them much cheaper, this lengthens their lifetime by reducing their consumerism a bit.

You can make this process through companies such as  Buy Used Tires you can find one of their offices near you by finding them in the map they have provided on their website or calling the numbers shown on the platform.

Tire Recycling Programs

This option is great, as they have several options to provide for those rubber pieces, they will have different destinations granting diversification to this matter.

There are several programs available and one of the is Quest, available in more than 38 states of the union, providing presence to tire recycling in all zip areas. You can check them out by clicking here.