Glass recycling center near me

When we talk about such a topic, usually we are not aware of, neither the reason why there are specific containers to discard this material nor all the positive features that glass recycling brings with it.

This practice is very profitable and always eco-friendly, as this substance can be recycled limitlessly and doesn’t lose any quality nor pureness, without mentioning, it saves a lot of energy and money.

If you are willing to know more about this whole industry, hence becoming a greener person, keep reading to get this crystal clear.

Why to do so?

As we have previously mentioned glass recycling is a win-win game, not just because it’s a sustainable practice; but also, it’s a wonderful proof that we can do more for our planet, not in vain 33% of this material is recycled in America. Down below you can read some advantages regarding this matter.

  • It minimizes air pollution by reducing damaging gas emissions by 20%; and waste poured in clean water by 50% roughly.
  • As we have already told, it saves energy, as recycled glass a lower melting point.
  • Prevents us having more glass in landfills, roads or yards that could possibly produce fires, therefore deforestation.
  • If you live in states as Oregon, California or Massachusetts you can get some money by doing so.
  • Its process to do it’s extremely easy and simple. You can read about it underneath.

Its Process

  • This process starts when all glass in your locality or state is collected, to be taken into the closest recycling facility.
  • Then it is separated from all other wastes, to proceed with the following step. When glass is separated from other wastes in its individual recycling containers, all these pre-selected items are taken to glass recycling specialized plans or make this step way easier.
  • Afterwards all plastic and papers bonded to the material are taken away thanks to pressurized air system; and consequently lift all metals left with a powerful magnet.
  • Later, glass is classified by color.
  • Consequently, they are pressure washed, that way all impurities left are not present anymore.
  • And finally, they are crushed and melted to give them form with a mold and get a new, useful and recyclable piece.

Glass Recycling Tips

Glass recycling center near me

Even though glass recycling process is simple; here we leave some helpful tips that will allow you to contribute with this whole cause; making its process way easier to these plants.

  • Take bottle caps off. This allows plants to work more effectively.
  • Avoid discarding in the recycling containers the following kinds of glass; as they belong to the small percentage of glass that is not recyclable. Pyrex, crystal, mirrors or light bulbs, are not allowed in most plants because they either have other components in their structure; or they went though an extremely heating process, and cannot be recycled with regular glass types.
  • Separate glass items into different colors; this is wonderful for these facilities because it will make their sorting process way easier. (There are some containers, that will allow you to do so).
  • Recycle glass containers at home. By doing so, you will avoid sending these useful items back to the system. Passata sauce, pickles and palm heart jars can be perfect storage if you wash them properly.

Finding Facilities Nearby

For your convenience, we have brought you some pages and initiatives where you can discard your glass safely and promptly.

glass recycling plants us

  • If this is not enough, visit Glass Recycling Coalition, there you can find your local glass recycling facility, just by typing your address or zip code on their search bar and consequently they’ll show all the possible plants and their different classifications.