Can I pour gasoline down the toilet?

How to plug a toilet

Adblue is a compound used in diesel vehicles to help reduce the pollutant products derived from engine combustion. It is the compound needed to comply with the European Euro 6 anti-pollution standard.

The Euro 6 standard, which came into force on September 1, 2014, limits NOx emissions from diesel engines to 80 mg/km. Manufacturers that fail to bring their vehicles into compliance with the new limit are required to include a tank for the additive AdBlue to help reduce diesel pollutant emissions.

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What not to flush down the toilet

As a result of the gasoline shortage caused by the fight against oil theft, many people have resorted to containers such as demijohns and buckets to handle fuel, which is not recommended at all. As if that were not enough, the videos prior to the tragedy in Tlahuelilpan and in other places with clandestine outlets show people soaked with the liquid, as if it were water.

Gasoline and diesel contain dangerous hydrocarbons such as methane and benzene. That is why even inhaling the gases emitted by gasoline represents a risk. Direct inhalation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why we do not leave a vehicle running indoors.

Toilet clogged by hard feces

Old YPF gasoline pump. It showed the volume of gasoline dispensed with figures marked on rotating wheels (one for each digit), which were physically connected to a turbine that measured the fuel flow. The measured volume was displayed in gallons, which is an American volume measurement.

The fuel dispenser is a machine at a gas station that is used to put gasoline into cars. The fuel dispenser is also known as a gas pump or gasoline dispenser.

A fuel dispenser consists of two main parts: the “electronic control unit”, which contains an embedded system to control the action of the pump and communicates with the counter system inside the store, and secondly, a mechanical section containing an electric pump and valves to physically pump the fuel.

The old pumps had a counter for the volume of gasoline dispensed, with the figures on rotating wheels (one for each digit), which were physically connected to a turbine that measured the fuel flow.

Throwing waste into the toilet

Hello planosalacarta, as you say they are in a pit, there are two pumps and the water does not reach to cover them, I have thought of throwing absorbent paper so that it can collect the maximum of gasoline that is on the surface, but I will also throw hot water as you tell me, thank you.

But the problem may come from the bilge pumps, which are usually submerged in pumping chambers. If the gasoline floats in these chambers, it will take a long time to be absorbed by the pumps. If this pumping chamber is registrable, you should take a look at it.