Can you boil polyethylene plastic?

Sterilizing plastic in autoclave

As a general concept we can say that all plastics are recyclable, the first step being their separation by type of resin. There are seven different types: PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, and a seventh category called “others”.

This is important, because if you do not know what type of plastic you are dealing with, it makes recycling difficult and even impossible. To facilitate this task, it was agreed that the products produced should have a legend indicating what type of material they are, so that whoever collects this material can see that it is recyclable and can separate it and then classify it to give it the appropriate treatment.

PET Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is used for soft drink and water bottles, boil-in-place bags for frozen food and trays for microwave-heated meals. It is lightweight, resistant and recyclable. In this sense, once recycled, PET can be used in furniture, carpets, textile fibers, automotive parts and conveniently recycled into new food packaging.

That releases the plastic when heated

This procedure is done when we want to reuse the container for storage again or want to use it as an ornament inside our homes. Believe it or not, there are several ways to sterilize a plastic container, among which the following stand out:

But before starting with any of the three methods it is important that you wash your hands and the plastic container to be disinfected or sterilized to make the process faster, simpler and safer.

Chemical disinfection: this method is much simpler than the previous one. You only need to buy a detergent or disinfectant solution. We introduce it into a large container with water, previously we had to calculate the proportion of water and detergent so that it fulfills its function. Then we only have to submerge the plastic containers in the water with detergent and let it stand for several minutes, remove the containers and let it dry in the open air.

Everyone already knows that it is for health reasons especially when they are going to be reused to store other foods, however even if we are not going to reuse the containers we will disinfect them because many times the toxic gases produced by packaged foods when they decompose together with the container make it harmful, not only for human beings, but also for the environment.

How to sterilize plastic material

The study was done with mice and the initial objective was to demonstrate how negative BPA is for them. Their surprise was that, when they were put in contact with alternative plastic materials, the effects were almost as harmful. These substitutes affected the reproduction of these animals in the same way.

A good way to avoid using plastic to heat food is to replace our plastic lunch tupperware we take to work with a glass one. We will have to carry a little more weight in our bag or backpack, but it will be worth it.

Sometimes, however, we find foods that are only sold in plastic wrapping in the supermarket. In that case, we can take them out of that packaging and transfer them to a plate or a glass, porcelain or ceramic container. And from there to the microwave, while we throw the plastic into the yellow container.

How to sterilize plastic food jars.

Plastic cooking bags. Surrounding yourself with quality materials is essential in a professional kitchen. These increasingly opt for more sophisticated techniques and as a result is no longer only that the dish tastes excellent and is to the liking of diners. But also the image of the brand itself. Opting for plastic cooking bags for restaurants is a recurring option in many businesses like these.

In a basic or traditional kitchen, the materials will always be what they will be. But in a professional restaurant, it is vital to surround yourself with different appliances or materials such as plastic cooking bags for restaurants that provide the safety and confidence we need. Cooking is often the secret of a good dish. That the product is at the right point of cooking for a better taste and excellent texture, and often all this depends on how it is done rather than the product itself so as a professional restaurant you should opt for plastic bags for special cooking for restaurants as we present on our website.