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Solid State

The problem of Security, Procurement and Administration of Justice in Jalisco and the rest of the country is one of the great challenges that National Action must face, where the fundamental thing is to respond to the needs of the people of Jalisco with the objective of guaranteeing respect for their human rights.

In order to promote an in-depth review of the modifications required to improve security in the state, the National Action Party in Jalisco is obliged to exchange points of view with organized civil society, universities, business organizations, chambers, neighborhood associations, representative groups, social collectives, religious associations, among others.

Therefore, in accordance with the 2021 Electoral Platform of Acción Nacional in relation to the thematic axis: Construction of the Rule of Law, in Peace, with Justice and Security, our party offers to the people of Jalisco:

Therefore, it is essential that the Party has candidates who are committed to comply with the principles and doctrine of National Action, supporting and promoting the proposals that arise from this political platform in the matter at hand.

The three states of matter

Neuquén is investigating whether the permanent tremors perceived in Sauzal Bonito are related to fracking. Sauzal Bonito contains the Fortín de Piedra field, where Tecpetrol, owned by the tycoon Paolo Rocca, accelerated the fractures to achieve a record gas production in the formation.

The signing ceremony was attended by Enrique Vaquié, Minister of Economy and Energy; Estanislao Schilardi, Director of Hydrocarbons; Martín Kerchner and Celso Jaque, members of YPF’s Board of Directors; Mauricio Martín, Vice-President of Downstream; Gustavo Astie, Vice-President of Upstream.

Affronti considered that “this agreement puts back in value the development of the hydrocarbon activity in Mendoza. We can return to the path of production and growth and thus give value to the conventional basins, betting on Vaca Muerta and its unconventional exploitation, which is so important”.

The Suarez government informed that YPF authorities confirmed plans to expand and modernize the Luján de Cuyo Industrial Complex. They plan to invest US$103 million to adapt the facilities to the new fuel specifications and expand the processing and distribution capacity.

The 5 states of matter

The connection with nature… without coverage With the pace of life we lead in the cities, the tight schedules, the goals to meet at work, not making ends meet… all this generates a lot of stress that is certainly not good for human health. We all have an escape route to all this, a way to abstract ourselves from all our problems. In my case (and in the case of many people) it is to surround ourselves with nature.

Welcome to Jaén First of all, I have to start by saying that I don’t normally write about events in my personal life, but there are certain moments in a person’s life that one feels are worth commenting on. And this is one of them.

Another type of consumption is possible The current economic system is based on the excessive consumption of any product that is offered to us (whether we need it or not, because there are already people who are dedicated to create the need in case we do not have it). The product lasts less and less time in our hands, and when its life is over, it is sent to final disposal sites, mainly landfills. This is a linear system, very intuitive, but it is not valid in the world we live in, where resources are limited. A linear system in a finite world is not possible.

States of matter examples

No one even minimally informed questions that renewables are here to stay, that self-consumption will go viral en masse, that the orderly management of our demand will be one of the keys to the system, that transport will be electrified and only electric cars will drive on our roads, and a host of other surprises that will turn many things in our daily lives upside down.

In this area (as in others), technology is undoubtedly bringing about a radical change in our world. However, this transformation does not seem to me to go hand in hand with something primordial in this story: the adequacy of proper legal interpretation.

If, as has happened so far, the standard rigors of conventional operators are applied to these new protagonists of the film, I fear that we will soon see tens of thousands of people who thought that being part of the energy transition would always have a happy ending.

I have had the misfortune to see so many people in despair because a collective illusion was cut short by a capricious and volatile regulation, that I can only warn of the urgent need to protect the citizen who is to be put at the head of this race from the very beginning. Otherwise, many will again be unable to finish it.