How do you recycle a flashlight?

How to make a paper lantern

Before we start telling you how to make lamps with bottles we want to tell you that some of the options that we will provide you should be supervised by adults and people with knowledge of DIY because, in the event that you have to cut the bottle, it is important to know how to use a bottle cutter, as we told you in our article how to cut glass bottles that we recommend you to read in case you want to carry out the ideas that require it.

The following idea of lamp that we are going to offer is somewhat more complicated to perform than the previous one but the result, as you see, is spectacular. In this case, it is recommended to use a bottle of opaque glass or with a specific color (red wine, for example, is also a good option) so that it offers a cozier and warmer atmosphere. This time we will have to cut the bottom of the bottle so that the lighting is greater and to be able to place the bulb. We will have to hang it from the ceiling with a lamp holder that will be attached to the ceiling, then simply insert the bulb from below by screwing it and getting a result like the one in the image.

How to make a homemade lantern step by step with pictures

If you are looking for ideas on how to recycle at home, I present this beautiful craft, today we will learn how to make a nice decorative lamp recycling water bottles that are plastic, by making the precise cut in the bottle, we can make the lamp shade, using as a base a smaller bottle, and even plastic bowls will serve you, the idea is to recycle any material you find at home that can be recycled. Watch this step by step video, and start creating a nice lamp for your room. Don’t forget that recycling helps to have a less polluted planet, use LED bulbs for this type of lamps.

How to make a homemade flashlight materials and procedure

Another new technology that can extend the life of batteries is to replace the bulb with several high-power LEDs. As the consumption of an LED is considerably reduced, the batteries have a longer life. LEDs offer a whiter light than light bulbs, but they are also available in different colors.

Thanks to the development of LEDs, which consume very little energy, flashlights are now being marketed that are powered by a dynamo instead of interchangeable batteries. The dynamo is recharged by shaking the flashlight up and down, operating a lever or turning a crank. Since the energy produced with the dynamo would be lost as soon as it is produced, these flashlights also have capacitors or rechargeable batteries that store the energy produced and provide it later.

The drawings of Misell’s patent US. 617,592 showing the cross section of the lantern with three cells, the reflector and the lensThe 1899 lantern was a fiber tube with a brass cap and a bull’s eye glass lens at the other end.

How to make a homemade mini flashlight

Yes, they are recyclable. For this they must be treated with a specialized manager.  These materials can be recycled or treated separately, but a special treatment is necessary to separate them. In Argentina unfortunately they are not widely recovered but the technology exists for their treatment.

Energy-saving lamps should not be mixed with other household waste. We recommend storing them in a dry, cool and clean place and then taking them to the corresponding reception points.

Depending on where you are, it is advisable to contact a specialized waste manager. The truth is that since they are not widely recovered, many times the alternative is to throw them away with the garbage, but we do not recommend it.

Philippines: It has a program for the management of disused lamps under the Philippine Efficient Lighting Market Transformation Project.