How do you reseal plastic packaging?

How to seal bottle caps

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Excellent information, in Colombia a company of great prestige and recognition in the beverage sector (Postobón) has become one of the pioneers in the world in using this technology for the packaging of juices and iced tea. The technology is provided by Krones and has represented a major breakthrough for the local plastics processing sector.

This information is really vital for all of us who work in companies that produce PET preforms and PET containers. It is necessary for all those who have direct contact with these products to know this information in order to have better criteria when validating products…

How to seal glass bottles at home

Form, fill and seal (FFS) systems generally use materials with a low degree of pre-processing, which are supplied in roll form to make containers. The process is divided into vertical or horizontal cycles.

This packaging method combines the forming, filling and sealing of containers such as pouches, boxes or cups. In most cases, operations such as folding, deep drawing or thermoforming are used to obtain a complete package, ready for filling and sealing.

Manual plastic container sealing machine

The process of developing a perfect sealing solution includes matching conditions between the lid, liner and sealer; setting an operating window; and establishing the testing method to identify a good seal.

There is also a two-piece seal that combines a higher containment barrier and the aluminum seal. The backing of this seal has a polyester foil in order to provide better oxygen permeability and better vapor or moisture transmission once the seal has been removed.

Finally, the removal characteristics of the seal must be determined. Does your application require a seal that will not leave seal residue in the mouth of the container when removed? Does your product require a seal that will weld to the mouth of the container or leave evidence of tampering and must be destroyed upon opening? Or do you require an easily accessible seal that can be opened by pressing it with a finger or knife?

In order to select the appropriate induction sealer for a particular application, some variables must be considered. Seal diameter is one of the most important variables in sizing equipment. A larger foil diameter requires a different amount of energy than a smaller diameter. As there are different types of seals and depending on their thickness, they can be heated in different amounts of seconds so it is essential to record the type of seal for each application.

How to seal plastic bottles at home

Biopolymers are used to produce a wide variety of biodegradable packaging, from containers with lids to films. As far as metal containers are concerned, the 3 most relevant forms of biodegradable packaging used are films, liners and pouches. Biodegradable films are used to replace polyethylene films. One of the most common uses of these films is to wrap perishable products and seal containers. This makes them one of the most widely used forms of biopolymers applied in conjunction with metal containers for food and cosmetics. Biodegradable films often have the same properties as their plastic counterparts, such as being water resistant and breathable [2, 3].