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Expanded or foamed polystyrene (EPS), better known as unicell, is one of the most common forms of plastic. You see it every day in thermal disposable coffee cups, egg cartons, protecting merchandise inside boxes, etc.

Reuse: EPS packaging can be reused as protection in packaging for transporting products. Another simple reuse of the packaging is to crush it and use it as a soil conditioner to improve drainage and aeration. Often seed trays and EPS pots are reused in this way in garden centers.

Recycling: is the reprocessing of used EPS containers to make a new material, such as replacement hardwood for garden furniture, replacement roofing sheets and new plastic items.

Foam densifiers transfer the material to a plastic extruder where the foam is exposed to heat and pressure to melt into a paste. This densified foam is extruded through die, and when cooled, solidifies into what is known as an ingot. This melting process is the most efficient, reducing up to 90 times its original volume and producing no emissions.

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Polypropylene (PP)Polypropylene is a thermoplastic derived from propylene gas. Often, this plastic is processed into fibers.Polypropylene is the lowest density mass-produced plastic and floats on water. Its stability and resistance to chemicals is similar to that of low-density polyethylene, however, it can be used at higher temperatures. Since polypropylene is odorless and does not irritate the skin, it is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.Uses:Food packaging, household appliances, automobile parts, construction, garden furniture, artificial turf, suitcase casings, medical devices, plastic bags, etc.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Polyvinyl chloride is produced from chloroethene gas, known as vinyl chloride. This rather rigid plastic can be made elastic by adding plasticizers. Phthalates used as plasticizers in PVC can make up to 70 % of the material. PVC is a highly fire-resistant insulating plastic, making it an ideal material in the construction industry, particularly for pipes and window profiles. On the other hand, PVC is far from harmless: not only does it consist of carcinogenic raw materials and unhealthy phthalates, but it also releases toxic dioxins during combustion.Uses:Floor coverings, drainage pipes, window profiles, gaskets, vinyl discs, floats, etc.

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Intended to contain organic waste for animal feed, it is obtained by means of at least one film glued on at least one of its edges with an instant cold adhesive product, which provides a stable bond both in dry and in conditions of high humidity, flexible, with a resistance equal to or greater than that of the collagen walls of the bag, using for this purpose cyanoacrylate monomer, polyisocyanate monomer. In its elaboration a first tubular form is obtained by helical winding of a film, overlapping the adjacent edges in its formation, film that is arranged on a cylindrical and horizontal axis, being fixed to the overlapped edges by means of the instant cold adhesive, keeping the film in constant tension, maintaining constant the diameter of the tube as well as the angulation of the helicoid, and being carried out at the end of the process of conformation of the tube a transversal cut to obtain portions or segments sealed by one of its ends with the same instant cold adhesive.

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Muliti-function disposable PS Foam plate making machine Thermocol The entire line includes 3 sets of machines: A. PS Foam sheet extruder B. Fully automatic vacuum forming machine C. Recycling machine unit including shredder PS Foam sheet extrusion line

The picosecond fast brewing food box vacuum foaming forming machine is an all-powerful thermal forming machine with forming, integrating od vacuum press forming and synthetic forming. It can be used to process many kinds of plastic sheet. The machine adopts digital system, fully automatic mechanical and electronic integration PLC control, touch screen to control the working program I. It is easy to operate and of high efficiency. It is easy to operate and high efficiency. It features reliable stability, large forming area, fast speed, highly automation and economical in manpower.