What are plastic beams used for?

PVC beams

Juan Camilo Solarte Torres, a Chemical Engineering student at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) Manizales campus, is working on a project that seeks to reuse plastic waste such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), from which most conventional water bottles are made, and organic waste such as coffee husks, banana rachis and coconut shells, to obtain a more resistant wood with less environmental impact.

The student proposes to improve the manufacture of plastic wood that is currently on the market, mixing the plastic with biomass recovered from organic waste of the native products of the Coffee Region.

To manufacture the wood plastic molds, 85% of PET is mixed with 15% of organic biomass from any of the selected natural products. To obtain the biomass, the student relied on products from the region such as coffee and banana, and also tested coconut shells, since this is used in large quantities as raw material in a candy industry in Manizales.

Recycled plastic beams

Plastic is a material with which we live in our daily lives, but we do not know many things about it. It is true that it facilitates the creation of packaging and makes it possible to reduce the price of products compared to other materials, but its environmental impact is immense and highly damaging.

One of the great challenges in the scientific world today is to discover a material that offers the benefits of plastic, but does not cause as many problems as plastic. While this research is being done, let’s get to know it in depth: What is plastic? How many types exist? Which are the least polluting? In this way, we will try to reduce the environmental impact we generate with its consumption.

It is similar to HDPE. It is often used in bags of various types, such as garbage bags, dry cleaning bags, frozen food bags, and can also be found in some clothing and furniture. It is recycled into grocery bags.

This type of plastic is present in furniture, toys, automobiles, straws, caps or rigid packaging. It has very good qualities, because it resists heat and is a barrier against humidity. When recycled, one of its new uses will be the manufacture of battery boxes for cars.

Plastic beams imitation wood

Recycling is no longer an option, it is a necessity that we must assume, and here comes into play a solved question that has surprised us … How to make a machine to recycle plastic?

Actually, it would be to get something like the following image, but in a handmade way and more sustainable with the environment, a homemade plastic recycler with a little crafts from home. It is intended to move from a more industrial process to a more manual one by means of a simple assembly and from our home.

Another point that we would like to remember since we are going to introduce in machinery to recycle PET, is how to take advantage of the materials we have at home and for this, we must be able to recognize the different labels, so we provide a summary infographic to clarify concepts.

There are many initiatives to benefit recycling, but another one that seems interesting to us is the simple but effective device model that Plasticbottlecutter has created to recycle PET bottles. Good but simple ideas that improve the environment!

Plastic beams

They are made of low-alloy cast steel, which allows the piling points to absorb more impact than similar H-Piling points. They also have a pre-beveled tip, which eliminates any pile end preparation. Welding is easy with an in-mold integrated weld preparation, saving you time and money. There is a 5/16″ groove weld across each flange, making it unnecessary to weld the web or inner flanges.

The carbon steel structural beams are manufactured in two configurations IPR and IPS. Both are constructed with a vertical web in the center of the beam, with horizontal flanges at the top and bottom of the beam, and a vertical web in the center of the beam….