What are the three types of dustbins?

What goes in the green garbage can

If more and more of us understand and properly dispose of the waste we generate, ultimately, the Planet will enjoy more benefits than we think possible. Don’t forget that in addition to knowing the types of garbage containers, it is essential that you know how to recycle, so that you can reduce your waste every time.

In addition, before throwing away certain waste, remember that there is always the possibility of reusing it, only this way you will be able to take advantage of the money invested in what you bought and, in addition, you will be offering a second chance to that container, bottle or box that you are about to deposit in the corresponding container.

What are the types of dumpsters

One of the most common is the lack of space or difficulty in separating the garbage. For this reason, from El Comprador de La Vanguardia we have searched and selected some of the ideal garbage bins to recycle at home, so you can contribute to save the life of the planet without much effort.

Taking care of the planet is not complicated nor requires effort thanks to these Sortibox stackable recycling bins with a capacity of 25 L. They are made of high quality, strong and durable plastic, allowing easy sorting of waste for quick access, hassle-free emptying and easy cleaning.

This practical waste bin measures 46×39.5×26.5 cm and has 3 separate 8-liter compartments to separate glass, paper and plastic. It is easy to move and clean, fits in any corner and has a practical pedal to be able to open its top lid. Now available on Amazon for 73,99€.

These 4 modular 20 liter bins from Bama Poker allow you to separate glass, plastic, paper and organic and can be stacked one on top of the other in pairs or in a pillar of 4. You are free to decide their position in order to adapt them to the space you have in your kitchen. Now available on Amazon for 49,87€.

The 3 recycling garbage cans

In this type of recycling garbage cans should be disposed of usable waste or recyclable materials such as plastic, cans, glass, metals, multilayer, paper and cardboard (Resolution 2184, 2019).

The recycling of these materials is important, since in Colombia only about 7% of plastic and 53% of paper are recycled, being this the product to which the most profit is made (Morales, 2019).

The Manos Verdes® containers found at collection points throughout the city of Bogota facilitate the recycling of used cooking oil (ACU) both for individuals and for residential complexes, hotels, casinos, restaurants.

Recycling trash garbage cans

It is important to fold and crease cardboard waste of greater volume, as in the case of boxes, so that they take up as little as possible. It is also important to pay special attention when separating mixed waste, as is the case of the rings of a notebook, staples, or, in general, the packaging of toys.some elements that we should not throw in this container are:

In Sagunto Valencia we have the container of all life, which was before recycling, green smell too. That is the one they refer to as gray? Because we have other gray, with a brown stripe, which says organic. THANK YOU.