What is sustainability synonyms?

Sustainable synonym and antonym

Surely more than once you have heard of “sustainable development” and also of “sustainable development”. Both words are similar, but are they the same? Sometimes it is not so simple to detect whether two terms are synonyms or not. For this reason, in unCOMO, we explain what is the difference between sustainable and sustainable and how to apply it to the concept of development, closely related to ecology. Read on and find out the definitions of each concept, some examples and the differences between them.

Having detailed each concept separately, we can now deduce the differences between sustainability and sustainability. By way of summary these are the main differences:Whenever you doubt whether a system or proposal can be considered as part of sustainable development, think that for it to be effectively so, it must meet certain conditions, especially related to the field of ecology. These conditions are:

Synonymous with sustainability

The digitalization of companies can help to optimize processes and therefore do it in a more responsible way. Technological innovation applied to sustainability could generate a lot of knowledge and provide key elements to achieve sustainable development objectives that are difficult to achieve today.

As in almost everything, it is not the what but the how. Technology companies have a great challenge ahead of them, as they have the burden of electricity consumption on their shoulders. We need to change the way we produce, consume and distribute energy. Not only by transforming it into renewable energies, which we must continue to optimize, but we must also transform the entire market for the so-called “blood minerals” that allow us to store this energy, for example, in our mobile devices.

If we want to break the myth that digital is more sustainable, let us always remember that the fundamental pillar of sustainability is reduction. Let’s think carefully about what we need and why. Let’s invest in innovation to develop systems that allow us to have ethical flows of raw materials and reduced consumption. Circularity in processes will be a key element for Sustainable Development, also in the digital environment.

Antonym of sustainability

The concept of sustainability refers to the balance of a species with its environment, i.e. of human beings with the environment in which we live, through actions such as trying to exploit a resource below the rate at which it regenerates, to prevent it from being depleted or its consumption from having consequences for nature.

Achieving a renewal of resources to avoid their depletion is one of the premises of sustainability and must be done, of course, from all sectors of society. There is no point in making an effort to contribute to preserving the health of our planet if large producers and other social agents do not fulfill their commitments, but neither can we ignore them; that is why we want to talk to you about some actions with which you can contribute your grain of sand. These are the areas in which you can contribute to sustainability with everyday actions:

Noun of sustainable

The truth is that this is not true, but only because of the RAE’s mania to be rigorous with the language. The same as it does not accept when the announcer of the match comments that the defender is on top of the striker or when the “tronista” of the moment approaches the choni emperifollada and gives her a kiss (in that case he would give her a tongue-lashing, of course), no matter how much we hear it all the time.

But if you search the internet for the term “sustainability”, especially in the field of construction and building, you will find thousands of pages. If you go into them you will realize that the vast majority refer to energy efficiency. This is what we learned at school as synecdoche.

The synecdoche, for those who do not remember it, which I suppose is the majority (I did not remember it either), is the figure of speech that consists of expressing the whole by the part or the part by the whole. Doesn’t it sound familiar?

<<With the entry into force of Decree-Law 1/2014, of March 18, which regulates the Program to Promote Sustainable Construction in Andalusia, from April 1, 2014 the Andalusian Government facilitates the implementation of actions for savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy in existing buildings in Andalusia.>>