Which is better plastic or metal radiator?

Aluminum radiators for cars

The dilemma is the following, I keep the original, or I move to the repairable welded radiator, in toyota warnes told me that I lasted long enough, that with the pressure that works the system is common to lose after a while.

Anyway what they told you that you lasted long because of the pressure is absurd: The radiators are made to work with high pressure (essential to not boil the liquid as if it were in a kettle).

Look at a plastic radiator is not fixed or not worth fixing, put a radiator of bronze, copper, aluminum, you will not lose the originality of the vehicle for that, on the contrary you will give an extra value and greater security for your engine.

The size is not the cost, both cost the same, it is a question of practicality at the time of having to repair or clean it, (in a radiator with aluminum panel and plastic manifolds you can not intervene, they are disposable).

Regarding the service life, just to work with so much pressure o rings that seal the collectors to the panel inevitably deteriorate, the fact that has lasted so long is due to the good coolant that was used.

Aluminum radiator vs. normal

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Aluminum vs. steel radiators

Then, to repair a broken radiator you must first drain (empty all the liquid), clean the area, apply the cold solder and let it harden for two hours. Hardener products can also be used to repair holes in plastics.

If the leak is coming from the seam, it can be solved by applying a metal patch on the outside of the seam. And if the leak is through the cover, the most practical solution is to replace the gasket or place a new cover following the gasket’s instructions.

Aluminum vs. copper radiator

Plastic tank radiators can be quite difficult to repair. Many believe it is easier to simply replace the radiator, rather than try to fix it. With metal radiators, you can solder out leaks, but with plastic tank radiators you don’t have that option and the repair is not as easy.

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