Are glossy magazines compostable?

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The production of magazines goes through several steps, from the receipt of the file by the printer to the distribution and sale of the final product. The printing companies choose the material, the printer, make proofs, generate the plates, print and bind the magazine… which will end up in a container. But which one? Ecoembes shows you how to recycle old magazines!

Are magazines recyclable? Yes, old magazines should be recycled. As long as they are clean and not plasticized, waxed or waxed, they should be deposited in the blue garbage can. Otherwise, if they have glue on them or are dirty, they should be thrown in the grey garbage can.

In addition, when throwing them in the trash, it is important to cut or fold the magazines so that they take up less space in the container and it is easier to deposit them. It should also be taken into account that, if they are kept in plastic bags, they should be taken out of them to throw them away. A more convenient alternative is to dispose of them in paper or cardboard bags.

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And we have a plan to suit your needs Plan SPFor households of 1 to 3 members. 10 L container + 4 compostable bags.we remove weekly.humus or plants every 3 months.VALUESMonthly plan: 9.990 CLPQuarterly payment: 26.990 CLP Semiannual payment: 50.990 CLP Annual payment: 95.990 CLP

MP PlanFor households with 4 or more members. 20 L container + 4 compostable bags.we pick up weekly.humus or plants every 3 months.VALUESMonthly plan: 13.990 CLPQuarterly payment: 37.990 CLP Semiannual plan: 71.990 CLPAnnual plan: 134.990 CLP

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The opening is carried out by pressing a pedal, the lid remains open until it is pressed by hand to close it. The closure is cushioned and silent thanks to the Brabantia patented hinge. RRPIn glossy steel 155€In matt steel 179€

Recycling paper is sometimes complicated by the weight of the bag in which we introduce the paper, newspapers, old magazines… Brabantia offers an easy and safe way to recycle paper.

It is a steel box with the base protected with a black plastic profile so that it does not scratch the floor. The bag is made of recycled paper that is resistant to humidity (so that it can withstand the elements until the collection service comes by).

Vegetable scraps, fruit peelings and coffee grounds are an ideal source of compost, but they also make a messy, slimy mix of waste at the bottom of the organic waste bin. With Brabantia’s 100% biodegradable garbage bags we not only keep the bin clean and dry, but we can also do our bit for the environment.

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Paper recycling is one of the most important recycling processes in existence. It avoids the felling of many trees and also avoids the use of toxic bleaching agents such as chlorine, which, if not properly managed, ends up being released into the environment. However, although recycling paper and cardboard is such an important task, it is also necessary to remember that not all types of paper can be recycled. In fact, some of them will have to be discarded and will end up in an incinerator once they have been used and nothing can be done about it. If you want to know what kind of paper can and cannot be recycled, keep reading Green Ecology and we will tell you about it.

In fact, when we talk about recycling paper, we are referring to cellulose. That is, the main material that makes up paper and is extracted from the wood of trees. However, for this cellulose to be recycled, it must be in an acceptable condition. This means that if it is paper or cardboard that has undergone certain chemical treatments, or has simply been stained with dirt that cannot be removed, the paper in question is unusable for recycling.