Can a wood chipper shred tires?

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Often these tires are directly burned, which causes major environmental problems, but not least the massive storage that causes attract rodents, insects, mosquitoes and others that can cause major diseases such as fevers, rabies, cholera, salmonellosis, hepatitis, tuberculosis, among many others.

There are several alternatives… some of these examples are the asphalt layers used in the construction of roads, also in carpets, vehicle insulation and also sports uses such as sports courts, bicycle lanes, etc.

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Plastic is the common term used to refer to a series of synthetic materials that are used in the manufacture of many products. There are two types of plastics: thermoplastics and thermosets.

Some of the most commonly used thermoplastic polymers are polyethylene or PVC, which are present in many of the everyday packaging that we use every day in our homes, but also in the production waste of large factories.

In this context, plastic shredders play a very important role. Both for post-consumer recycling and for storage and reuse, plastics require help in order to properly manage the recovery of this material.

The industrialization of the process makes it much faster and more efficient, achieving that, with the intervention of no more than 2 operators, larger quantities of plastic can be shredded in a short time.

During the process, the plastic is shredded and stored in the hopper at the push of a button. The machine, equipped with blades, performs all the work quickly, quietly and with low energy consumption.

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Old tobacco cutter grinder, iron, XIX century, well preserved, very light iron crank movement and wooden handle. approx. measures: width front 17, depth 23cm. height with handle raised 28.5 cm and 17 without crank, wooden base 4 cm high by 33 cm long and 13 cm deep. weight 17 kg without packaging.779.9 EUR

The guaiac wood is a noble wood of the jungles of the American continent very appreciated, it was never used, only for ornamentation. Its measures: 18 cms high, width 11. measures of the pestle,. pestle or maja 21 cms long, thickness 4 cms1.100 EUR

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WOOD SHREDDER HYUNDAI HYAST1500E-2 Branch shredder Hyundai HYAST1500E-2 Engine: 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder air-cooled Cylinder content: 420 CC Starting system: Electric / Manual Start Fuel: (E5) Euro 95 Speed: 3600 / min. Maximum power at 3600 / min.: 15 HP / 9.1 KW Chipping capacity: max. 100 mm. Capacity: 1000-5500 kg / h. Inlet height / ejection height: 109 cm / 148 cm Funnel opening: 565 x 440 mm Ejection nozzle: 360 degrees Fuel tank content: 6.5 L Oil tank capacity: 1,100 ml Blade disc speed: 2,530 / min Oil: S3,300 EUR

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Two-shaft shredders are suitable as pre- or post-shredder and are suitable for many different materials such as wood, biomass, waste, cardboard, plastic containers, large plastic parts (also rubber).

The solution for shredding large and long pipes and profiles. The ZRS series has been specially developed for the shredding of pipes with diameters up to 1300 mm and of different materials such as PE, PP, PVC.

These machines can directly shred plastic pipes up to 9 meters in length without pre-cutting or pre-sawing. At the heart of the machines are rotors with diameters of up to 1,500 mm, which can be equipped with up to 206 cutting crowns and which shred plastic pipes….

The Zerma ZCS shredder integrates leading shredding and granulation technology in one compact unit. With the development of the shredder and granulator combination, ZERMA has successfully continued the expansion of its product portfolio.

The single-shaft shredder for demanding shredding tasks. The machines are extremely robust and achieve high throughputs. Working widths from 1500 to 3000 mm and rotor diameters of 750 mm are available as standard.