Can cushion foam be recycled?

Where pillows are thrown away

As we have already mentioned on many occasions, rest is the basis of health and the viscoelastic Topper mattresses are ideal for correcting posture if you have a mattress that is too hard or too soft. But today we are not going to talk about the qualities of Topper mattresses, but about how to take advantage of their properties beyond using them on the mattress.

Even if you are going to buy a new mattress and you no longer need the viscoelastic Topper, do not throw it away, there are numerous new uses you can give it to recycle it and not generate unnecessary waste. Here we present a few, sure you find a way to take advantage of your Topper bed.

Dining chairs are one of the most expensive items of furniture, and for this reason we always tend to delay their change. But the truth is, if they have a lot of use, the seat foam can get crushed and lose its comfort. So why not renew them using your old viscoelastic topper? Cut the mattress to the size of the seat of your chairs and you will see how comfortable it is!

Keys are recycled

Polyurethane is an environmentally friendly material, as it has a very low environmental impact. Due to its great durability and low thermal conductivity, it is the best thermal insulator, making it an essential ally for energy efficiency. It helps to save energy, resources and, therefore, emissions. In fact, polyurethane saves more than 100 times the energy needed for its production.

Polyurethane recycling is a commitment to the circular economy that closes the life cycle of waste by converting it into new raw materials with which to manufacture products. In addition, the recycling process preserves the quality and properties, giving rise to raw materials with the same performance as the original ones.

Where can I recycle my foam cups and containers?

With some products we know what to do, but with others we have doubts about how to recycle them. Among those we do not know, we have products such as polyurethane foam containers or silicone cartridges.

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Egg cartons are recycled

There is waste, such as paper or glass, about which there is little doubt: we know in which container it should be deposited for proper recycling.  But where should polyurethane materials be disposed of? Is it a recyclable material?

Nothing could be further from the truth, polyurethane is a recyclable material and can be reused in a multitude of products. Moreover, not only polyurethane products can be recycled, but also rigid insulating foam can be recycled.

A typical example of how polyurethane recycling is present in everyday life is the polyurethane foam used in car seats: the polyurethane foam inside the seats is reused in cushions for furniture, beds and home carpets. It is also possible to recycle the polyurethane used in bumpers, which, if properly treated, can be transformed into insulating filler material for construction.

Consequently, the possibilities for recycling polyurethane are becoming increasingly broad. Work is currently underway to transform polyurethane into playground flooring, buoyancy aids, hydroponic mats or oil/liquid absorption uses.