What can I do with leftover foam?

How to remove polyurethane from the ceiling

All cases are available with a removable set of foam. The lid comes with “egg holder” foam and the bottom with shock absorbing Accuform foam. Accuform foam is a block of preformed, high-density foam that easily adapts to protect your equipment individually. This will protect your gear on the toughest adventures.

Another way is to gently press the object into the foam in the desired location to reveal the pre-cut lines. Then run a blade or just your finger around the object to separate the pre-cut lines. The foam will separate easily in this step. This method works best with square or rectangular shaped objects.

Narrow objects can be easily inserted into the foam by separating the pre-cut lines along the object, forming a groove. The object can be inserted without removing the foam.

We hope all of this is helpful in preparing your case for the best protection of your valuable equipment. If you find other alternatives for working with foam or its application in our cases, please send us your comments. Write to us at

How to remove polyurethane from a car

NOTE: Before we start just note that the tips below are for “shaving foam”, if what you have at hand is “shaving gel”, they will not help you and you may end up a mess; let’s start!

11- Just as in the previous case, if you have a key ring full of dull keys that look dirty and can be very “dull”, you can shine the keys using the above technique and they will look like new.

14- Another great and proven use of shaving foam is when used as a replacement for lubricating oil (type 3 in 1 or WD 40), which is used for hinges and locks that are very dry and noisy, often stain the doors and leave a greasy residue very dirty, well replace it with shaving foam and you will see how the hinges of your door will no longer make the noise of the entrance to the palace of the monster family.

15- With shaving foam you can also remove grease, dust and dirt from hair brushes and combs, we all know that they accumulate a lot of dirt and that we rarely repair in their cleaning, well apply a little shaving foam, try to rub with your hand between the bristles and then rinse with plenty of warm water, they will be clean and free of microbes.

How to unclog polyurethane foam

The recycling of polyurethane foam is essential. Polyurethane foam waste from production and construction is too valuable to go to landfill. It can be ground up and reprocessed into other insulation products or energy recovered by replacing fossil fuels.

When PU reaches the end of its life after many decades of use, it enters the waste stream with other building products. From IPUR we want to address the different fronts in which the Polyurethane Industry participates in waste management and R&D in solutions to improve processes.

Polyurethane insulation is 97 % insulation gas captured in closed foam cells and is therefore extremely lightweight. Its share in total non-mineral construction and demolition waste should be around 0.3 % (figure for Germany) and around 0.05 % in total construction and demolition waste (estimate for France and UK).  Their lifetime is closely linked to that of buildings and building renovation cycles.

How to remove polyurethane foam from wood

We don’t like to throw food away, so we’re used to reusing leftovers and giving them a new life. We always try to come up with something when there are leftovers in the fridge. Usually they end up in the form of pizza, empanada or as a filling for peppers or cannelloni, but other times in a tasty dessert like this light meringue milk foam.

We put the nozzle we prefer in the siphon and pour the meringue milk foam just before taking it to the table in the presentation glasses. Garnish with cinnamon powder and lemon zest.