How do you deep clean plastic?

How to clean car plastics

PVC is a very grateful material and it is very easy to keep it in perfect condition. To perform a deep cleaning, you will only need a duster or a brush, mild detergent and water. With these simple products you will be able to take perfect care of your plastic blinds.

As always, before starting with the deep cleaning of the blind, you must remove all the surface dirt. To do this we recommend working with the blind closed, which will make it easier to remove the dust; you can use a duster or a brush to carry out this task, although if you have a large window and it is difficult to access the entire blind, you can help yourself with a vacuum cleaner.

Let the blinds soak for a few minutes, which will soften the dust and dirt. If you see that the dirt most embedded in the shutter has not been removed, you can rub with the help of a sponge structure. Afterwards, wipe the slats with a cloth to remove any remaining residue. Once they are dry, you can put them back in place.

How to clean black plastic

Soft plastics: Use a microfiber cloth soaked in rejuvenating liquid and rub with gentle circular movements. If the plastic of your dashboard is rough, apply the cleaner using a cotton towel as it adapts better to the surface and cleans more thoroughly.

Engine compartment: This type of plastics are dirtier. Do the same as in the case of hard plastic, but when you apply the cleaner, leave it to act for at least five minutes. Make circular and soft movements, this way the product spreads better and you get to recover the original shine.

Soft, hard and engine compartment plastics: If once you have applied the rejuvenator you have not achieved sufficient shine, spread a thin layer of plastic wax with a chamois and rub gently to achieve a better result.

How to clean car exterior plastics

In addition, not all areas of the home should be cleaned in the same way, there are spaces or rooms that are more susceptible to harboring germs, and therefore need a deeper and more thorough disinfection.

Obviously, this is an issue that concerns us all, and before we get into cleaning the rooms of the house. First, we would like to remind you of some good household cleaning guidelines to help prevent infection and possible spread of the coronavirus.

Remember to use disinfectant products (here is a huge list from the Ministry of Health) and also this guide from PAHO on recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting the house in case of VDV-19.

The most used objects in our daily life, the cell phone or tablet is almost an extension of our body. And that’s not all, these devices are in contact with all kinds of surfaces, therefore, they are a great source of dirt that must be constantly cleaned.

Household knobs and switches are used continuously throughout the day by all members of the family. Our hands are in contact with all kinds of surfaces and all our dirt ends up there. It is essential to disinfect!

How to shine dull plastic

Getty ImagesCleaning refrigerator plasticThe plastic that lines white refrigerators and freezers is very prone to staining and is also very difficult to clean, so if you notice a color change, you’ll probably need a stronger bleach.

Start by cleaning the entire surface with water and dish soap, this will help remove grease. Then in a cup mix half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of bleach and a splash of hydrogen peroxide, then add hot water and stir the mixture for a couple of minutes. Use a clean sponge to wash with this mixture the entire surface and dry with a clean towel.Removes ingrained stainsThere are some stains that no matter how hard you try to remove them, they cling, for this case, the best solution is to mix a tablespoon of vinegar with water and scrub until the stain comes out. Another option is to dilute a tablespoon of baking soda in a liter of water and use this mixture to scrub the area.this cleaning secret will help you keep your appliances white and elegant.