How do you make yellow clear plastic clear again?

How to clean a transparent case without baking soda

If you have had a transparent case on your cell phone, you will know that over the days it tends to take on a yellowish tone that envelops the phone with a certain image of neglect. But why do transparent cases take on this tone? We tend to have the phone in our hands all day, we touch it even without realizing it and we do not notice that our skin leaves traces of sweat and oils that come into direct contact with the phone case, all this makes the cases, especially those that are transparent, get dirty faster and acquire a yellowish tone. Fortunately, from unCOMO we bring you the best homemade tricks to keep your phone spotless. Do you want to know them? Take note, because below we explain how to clean a transparent case that has become yellowish.

You’ve probably used bleach to disinfect floors, to remove embedded dirt stains or to get rid of bad odors. Well, this chemical compound is also excellent for cleaning your phone case and leave it like new.first of all, from unCOMO we want to remind you that if you want to know how to clean colored silicone cases, this remedy will not help you, since bleach could drag the color of the product and ruin it completely. So, use this trick only to clean transparent cases.

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This tutorial is suitable for most white plastics that have been losing their natural color to give way to a somewhat ugly yellow. Those of you who have retro consoles, such as the Super Nintendo, PSX, Dreamcast or an old PC case, will know what we mean. So, we are going to bring it back to its natural color.

The chemistry of modern plastics has been greatly improved, being very difficult to see this phenomenon. On the contrary, all the plastics we saw in devices manufactured from the 80’s to the early 2000’s are affected by this phenomenon.

In fact, this yellowing effect does not affect them equally, with PCs or consoles being more yellow than others, even if they are the same product. Also, it is possible to see how a machine presents this effect in a plastic, but not in other parts, creating a kind of bicolor.

All these users pooled their wisdom and created Retr0bright, which consists of a complete recipe that serves as a guide on how to bleach plastic. You can take a look at Retr0bright on its official website. You might find more guides (like the one from The 8-bit Guy) which is also very good.

How to clean clear plastic that has turned yellowish

First you can try lemon. Mix two cups of water and half a cup of lemon oil. Spray it directly on the surface, then rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth. This will clean the plastic, remove stains and restore the shine.

Wash the clear women’s crab shakers with dishwashing soap, then pour a little hydrogen peroxide into a bowl filled with tap water. Put your transparent women’s sandals in there for a few hours and then it is important that they dry in the open air but not in direct sunlight.

It is actually a chemical process of mixing a mixture of chemicals called “retardants” that makes it a less flammable and safer product. But it is this mixture between the polymers of the plastic and the retardants that makes the plastic turn yellow. And if you also add heat, air, natural light… All this helps this process to become even faster.

And if you are not convinced by this experiment, we are going to give you another tip, to see if this one works for you. Take baking soda and with a little bit of the set of a lemon make a paste with which you have to cover the phone case. Let it act for about 30 minutes. Rub then with a sponge to leave the case perfect as it was before. Rinse with water and ready.

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And it is true that knowing the reason why it takes that yellowish tone is going to be one of the ways to try to make it last longer; although we can always go for a higher quality case, but yes, it involves a greater expense with this type of protection for the mobile. We are going to do it with the famous yellowish covers.

In the first method we are going to use bleach to try to eliminate that yellowish tone. In fact, bleach has always been used to bleach clothes, and it will also be useful for the case. The steps to clean the cover of our cell phone are:

A third tip is to use hydrogen peroxide in a bowl with water and leave the case again for 30 minutes. We will follow the same instructions as in the two previous tricks and test if we leave it clean. It will also depend if we have never cleaned the case, so do not give up.

This way you can clean the transparent silicone case that has that damned yellowish tone that makes our mobile not look so good. And as I said, if not, you can opt to buy a new one of those of few euros and apply these recommendations to wash it at least once a week.