Can I throw away a space heater?

Where to dispose of hearing aids

When something stops working, the first thing we think of is to throw it away, but where should it go? Knowing the right place to dispose of electrical appliances is vital to protect the environment and not to mix them with other waste.

WEEE or electronic waste may contain hazardous substances and gases that deplete the ozone layer or affect global warming and can be harmful to human health. For this reason, the clean point is the best place for this type of household waste.

Although both are thrown away at the clean point, it is interesting to know that electronic devices are not the same as electrical devices, and therefore, the electronic waste created after using an appliance is different from electrical waste.

The electrical ones are those machines that need to be plugged in to fulfill their purpose. On the other hand, electronic devices are those that use electrical currents to perform more complicated operations such as a laptop or a tablet.

Where to dispose of cables and chargers

The best way to dispose of electronic devices is to go to the Punto Limpio in your city. The Punto Limpios are spaces offered by the state for the collection of a wide variety of waste. The citizens usually use them to take their household appliances; but, they do not know that they can also leave there other devices such as mobiles, computers, CD’s or ink cartridges.

There are fixed and mobile clean points. As their name indicates, the former are located in a specific place that is normally far from the center of the cities. The latter have the same function; however, they move around different areas of the cities to facilitate the collection of waste from the population.

In this line, there is a website that tells us which is the nearest collection point after entering the type of waste and the city and area in which we live. These sites collect waste such as: cell phones, computers, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, CDs, batteries, ink cartridges, etcetera. Here you can consult the complete list, which also includes glass, metals, paper and packaging.

Where to recycle televisions 2021

All electronic devices are manufactured with components that are not at all biodegradable, but are also, in many cases, highly polluting, such as batteries. That is why it is essential that we learn the importance of disposing of them properly.

If you are concerned about the environment, the best thing you can do is to finally sort out that drawer full of cables, cell phones that do not work and old chargers. Then, take everything you decide to throw away to the nearest clean point.

Through the website of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) it is possible to locate the clean point closest to your home. It is also possible to check with your local council where you can take your electronic waste and, for larger appliances such as computers and televisions, most councils have a collection service. To find out when it is possible to leave them on the street, you will need to speak to your local council and arrange a specific timetable.

Where can I dump

Clogged sewers represent an imminent risk of flooding during the rainy season, the accumulation of waste carried by the water causes the blockage of the sewers, which is one of the main reasons for puddles every time there is a rainfall. In addition to remembering not to throw garbage in the streets, we also remind people not to throw garbage in the streets.

Before the rainy season in Mexico, it is important to prevent flooding. Therefore, cleaning of drainage networks and clearing of sewers and canals in the city so that they are free of garbage, dirt and debris must be carried out so that rainwater can flow properly.