Where can I throw e waste in Berlin?

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Yoghurt pots, juice cartons, beer cans… Packaging in Germany is not simply thrown away. The Dual System in Germany is responsible for the separate collection and recycling of materials such as paper, aluminum, plastic and glass. The recycling system is financed by licensing traders, manufacturers, importers and packagers who mark their products with the “Green Dot”.

Sustainability in Germany The following portals provide information on political programs and show you how citizens and companies can also act responsibly.


But how do you dispose of the electronic waste you don’t use?  Megan Agudelo indicated that, like many Bogotanos, “we usually try to vote them in the special trash, but since it is not so clear, then sometimes we vote them with everything else.

To properly recycle this waste, there are 59 points throughout Bogotá. It is very easy, enter the page of the District Secretariat of Environment www.ambientebogota.gov.co, there you will find the different places that are enabled for this work. Look for the one closest to your residence and in this way you will be able to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Remember that these elements are not recycled like other waste and have a special treatment.  “We can take the entire electrical line, stoves, refrigerators, televisions, peripherals, cables, everything that has to do with electrical and electronic devices so that they can be recovered, there they are disassembled, their elements are recovered and in this way we contribute to improve environmental sustainability,” added Lopez.

Germany in a minute: Waste recycling

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Dealers who sell electrical appliances and have a certain sales area are obliged to remove old appliances.  Devices with an edge length of up to 25 cm can be taken back even independently of a new purchase.  Dealers only have to take back larger devices if a comparable new device is purchased. Is your old radio still working but gets in the way? Have you replaced your spotless washing machine with a newer model?  It makes more sense to donate them or give them a new home through our barter and gift marketplace.


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